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Eight eight three nine eight now Kristie to wind up about. This young man Austin also goes you know when my landlord comes back here tomorrow and, Sunday, to, try, and, kick, me, out can. I can I have a call you. Go sure yeah I won't be, here, probably more than. Likely but yeah you're welcome. To give us a call but anyway. I just want people to know that Monday through Friday and on Saturdays you know we are always happy to give you? A, few minutes of free. Legal, advice right over the telephone Monday through Friday nine, to, five you can reach the Olsen law group in Orlando, at four zero, seven four two three five five six one. As well there's a couple of lawyers, at, our office right now standing by to, talk to, you. Rob Solomon does landlord tenant DU is Jim Munroe bankruptcy attorney they're both, at my office right now standing by, to, talk, to, you, at, four, zero seven four two three five five six one. That's, the, Olsen law group in Orlando let's go to Justin Daytona Beach Justin you're on news News ninety. Six, five go ahead Yeah I got a question my father-in-law is buying, a house down here in Florida and he went through all the contract and paperwork and everything, and a week before closing date they, title company came back and said the house, was, in probate What what's the options they're like they're basically. The title companies just sitting on it. And I heard that could take up to nine months to resolve well Justin it will only take nine months if, the family hires a probate attorney that does not know what he or she is doing that would be my, worst case scenario but just in a apparently it's too bad that the title company gave you this bad news at this late date but it will. Take a period of time if it has to go through probate. To, get, the deal done if. Your, dad can be patient. And I'm going to suggest that he go on what, he may wanna do is having a dim the contract done we're in the extended closing day, by thirty or forty five days now, Justin if I go ahead They. Did, that, for two weeks okay so Justin if I knew what kind of probate was being done if I knew where they were in. The probate process I could give you. A good idea what the timeline is for it and if you don't know that just in your father may want, to retain me or somebody else to call the family or call the family's attorney and find out what's going, on with this probate Justin part of what I'm telling you is a probate itself may take six months but often you don't have to wait till. The end of the probate to sell the property you could sell. The, property, during the probate process Okay 'cause. They did you start the paperwork last Thursday okay It just got started but. Now. We've been he's been under contract for a month. Now So just. To basically trying called. The title company they're, dragging their feet they're not get back to What we can do to basically a. Lot of fire okay well first of all it is out of the control. Of, the title, company it is up to the seller, of the family to get this probate done now Justin again if this is really important to you I'd have to do some research for you. To find out what kind of, probate is, being done and give you. An accurate answers to win this might be ready. To go hey folks my. Name is Tom Olsen the name of the. Show is also on law we're gonna take a, break we'll be.

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