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Oakville from ABC news I'm Michelle Franzen is straight up or moves a vital passageway for ships carrying the world's oil at the center of tensions again in the goal for Ron seizing a British flag tanker on Friday so far not allowing the ship's release ABC Stephanie Romo says more Ron is not backing down after revolutionary guard troops seized a British flag oil tanker with twenty three crew members on board in the strait of her moose mask troops repelled from a helicopter onto the tanker while patrol boats circle the vessel in newly obtained audio you can hear the moment bringing in forces mortgage the crew not to resist written now expected to push for sanctions against Iran Friday's incident coming amid heightened tensions between the US and Iran president trump making a call to Sweden's prime minister saying though he would post bail for American rapper a sap rocky the rapper remains in a Swedish jail over a sold allegations Sweden's criminal justice system though doesn't allow for bail maybe she's terrible merry with details Swedish prime minister told president trump that the government cannot and will not interfere in legal proceedings he emphasized the independence of the Swedish judiciary as for a steps Rockies team had no comment on the president's involvement the rapper's legal team claims he acted in self defense millions of Americans bracing.

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