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I think we're going to see a lawyer from one. Jason just the joined dwells in from the garden was actually put that yeah good good player but don't expect a hordes of fans from japan like that's considered no john beefed up got festival also to be fair he he's based in about boatmen's kennedy thing. Why should you care but a massive Knowing article stock into nakata's relationship. So eh one. But i'm very excited to see you going into this. A topical school for a couple of edens owner so yeah. I'll be interested to see who who scores. Football wants to go forward in terms of sport an entity in in what what it brings to the country in terms of entertainment as this guy. You're going to get some level of protection from the agricultural tackles. It was something football or going to the game. I would say. Probably not the accusation. Because we've seen county guys come and go on. They get it just as tight and they get told to remain physicality. I mean if. I think they're going to come up against team so we can see third season. Well i mean we face dundee for example and a foster home league and on vacation and scrapping for the season and if a gaelic footer. She with equality he'll have comes up against maybe they are more agricultural. Defend those t- that is going to try and leave about autumn. That's just how it goes in scotland. We've seen winona walks and their police and they don't get taken. Technically i have no problem with physical football. What machine is the the lane that it takes to get played against celtic as very very high and the actually kept these. Your maybe tae motel hopefully game after he's got fairly trophies under these bill that would mean to be seen opposite. We've talked a lot different. Cnn's and you know as i've mentioned i think we'll make it. Even generally speaking goalkeeper rate bite left tackle other requirements. That as a suggestion of today it's golic and farrar at defensive types instrument which means maybe solos. Possession hasn't executed as he wants. Thought you definitely need someone to either. Even covered off compete with them to jobs for the moment guess throng foster levin an job to strengthen the dips and i could handle into transferred under with the debt and strengthen through the use or and in january and. I think it's about well. Actually if you do not at the expense of your golden absolutely not. i'm sorta just in terms of has have been. You can see them stopping more often than not am again. A young player that govern games essien movement we may see about moreover may image sale about for the importance of the season. I'm so i'm so the judy job for them. I think they're so about past. There are not not possession. Can't be bypassing name much damage. He's am he still let me forget her young years. Maybe twenty three party. Maybe try to to not be selling loud. So i think he's going to make mistakes and he's in a position in the park. We're just not really accepted the good thing about having someone lake solo or summer at does make a move forward as we mentioned kalemie gaga's ba- filed there are. We've moved offensive possession. So whether they're buying another placement for short or not remains to be seen by jesse stress. Great leftback get it done celtic so. Just look on very quickly to the game on saturday. So gonna take us on a would usually be makes occasion o'clock kick-off but i believe something. Lake full capacity won't filed away from it but norway funds to that could make it tough and itself that obviously makes clear style delta garden gary mckay stevens no no they're liam voice decent streaker. Their season has started israeli about the league cup station..

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