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In common areas the furniture has been spaced out a lot to promote social distancing the mall is giving out face coverings for people for their guests and they are recommending that guests who come here wear face masks Boston mayor Marty Walsh says wearing face masks in public will be mandatory starting next week my hesitation was that I thought are you hoping people would take responsibility themselves to make sure that they protect themselves and other people with face masks close to new cases are of situations that's not happening so we are going to be taking with the governor did yesterday in rolling into a policy in the city of Austin I'm in case it's interesting to look at D. G. O. traffic on the Richmond San Rafael bridge five read again the west bound direction at mid span two vehicle crash in the right lane of traffic is passing in the left lane and it stopped all the way back to the toll plaza dense fog right now still on the Golden Gate Bridge in Concord stop and go traffic eight highway four westbound between six eighty and check Boulevard this left lane is closed until four PM the same in the eastbound direction with the left lane closed through the Dublin interchange looking an object on the roadway it is around six eighty south bound just before the interchange plastic debris of the left blank with KGO traffic I'm dean Michaels during this challenging time we all need to do our part at mancity sleep world well our stores are closed to protect our employees and customers we're still here to support you delivering the comfort you need right to your home visit us at liberals dot com you can stay informed with the latest updates on covert nineteen coronavirus text they'd nineteen S. S. two eight eight eight seven seven seven for official updates about the virus visit.

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