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I'm like all right. That is the clearest reference to like foster kids being used and abused like if dad whose idea was to adopt and then just fully ignores her. I'm expecting that he's going to be a creep of sorts. No he just leaves Because how about this Doesn't leave the wife for a younger woman. They implied so so then you think okay. So he's into younger women. What does that say about his idea to Adopter was he planning to do something with her at some point. It just didn't happen but then the mom says something else as a final line in the scene that i found really weird. She's like i didn't do good as a wife. I didn't learn to be a wife. But i think i could be a good mother if you give me a chance at could learn and if you promise to never go to denver which is where the guy wait. Why does she want her. Never go to denver. The innocuous reason could be I don't want you that like to not leave her. Sure yeah yeah to not leave her or to choose the father over her. But i'm thinking they didn't have much of a connection. Why would she choose the father. And then i thought no. Maybe she thinks the father would try to fucker like yeah and that would be. That's kind of if you know anything about what happens with predators in the in foster care. In adoptions whatever like if you've ever watched law and order svu then yeah it's setting it up. It's very factual it's it's setting up this idea and then again. I don't think it's clever. Writing to keep avoiding any potential consequences that might occur in the real world. I think it's more cowardly and it's not committing to the fantasy. And i feel like even a show like marvelous mrs maisel at least commits to a fantasy of worlds. And it's by the fucking gilmore. Girls people this joe. You're supposed to take it seriously. And i don't understand the board take early altogether like make like anne anne. You know kind of khemisset a fact that this is a fantasy version of of orphan. Life you know but this one is like if it was any but it was teasing a lot of Adult trauma like molesting and drug addiction. But it's still had happy endings of of any know it. It doesn't do the escapism service. Because it's too Shot through with weirton relations of underage sex and drug addiction. And whatever but it also doesn't do d- adult expiration of trauma any service because it never pulls the trigger on any of this stuff so thank you. Learning anything about getting over traumas not getting anything about how people get over sexual abuse or pedophilia or bad boyfriends or bad husbands or how to get over addiction. You know it gives you just enough of it. To remind you you're watching a grownup show but not enough of the actual fallout and resolution of it. Because i guess writing about that stuff is hard and not fun and also it's like i guess it's just it's a show that's like a bedtime story of a show but it's not enough of a bedtime story like you said for it to be it's not enough of a fantasy for me to have it be Enjoyable through and through like it was knowing because it doesn't pick what it wants to be an it takes itself really seriously and i was like shorts. Thought everyone would feel that way or some people would feel that way but it seems like instead it was celebrated for doing exactly that and sort of choosing to say nothing about anything about trauma about the soviets about the cold war about chess..

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