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Natual. Both styles pedal steel yandle to the next young so just Sam in florida and. Hey man i'm part of the state you're in but I'm headed your direction. Because that's another housekeeping thing. I want to let you guys know. Starting i'm not sure what day probably monday's show next week. I'm taking the road trip always wanted to take. I'm pretty. I'm pretty pretty excited about it. On august tampa. I'm going to get it into the panhandle. One of my best friends in the world is in is in panama city and i've got some grandkids in savannah and so i am going to climb in the car and i am going to go see all of the stuff in the country that i always wanted to see and haven't seen because i got a little bit of time off and Why do you clip coupons your whole life right so that at some point you got a little bit of flexibility and i don't have a ton i can't do this for six months but i can it for a couple of weeks and i'm gonna take off from seattle and i've never been to yellowstone yellowstone. I've never been to mount rushmore on mount rushmore ongoing the grand canyon. Because i've never been excited. talk about. Never been to new orleans to new orleans Definitely gonna hit panama city and see my good friend. Julian and me as my remember him. From new year's eve show and then i'm gonna head up into d. c. and i'm going to new york city because what york city and We'll see how that works. But i'm pretty excited about it and maybe i'll get to meet some you guys along the road but i'm going to show from the road in a different place every day for however long it takes so anyway. Donald trump got up last night and Ask the question that You know i answered with a with an easy hearty. Yes and here is president trump of crises. That is facing. He's a very chen. Hello cpac do you. Miss me had.

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