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I'm Cheri Preston out with the old and the one hundred fifteenth congress ending now, the new congress with Democrats in charge of the house opens in about an hour. ABC's? Serena Marshall is on Capitol Hill ads expected anti Pelosi becomes house speaker. Again, she plans to tell fellow congressman she will focus on public education, creating good jobs and secure pensions to protect families in the future show. Immediately offer a Bill to reopen the government and a time line to make a border immigration deal at the White House ABC's. Karen Travers says President Trump is talking about the Democrats shutdown and the border wall. President Trump on Twitter says Democrats are digging in their heels on border security because of the twenty twenty election on day thirteen of the partial government shutdown. The president writes that Democrats no they can't win because of all of his achievements. So their hardline position on border security is quote strictly politics last month. The president said he would take the mantle of a government shutdown and wouldn't blame Democrats, but he's been pointing the finger at Democrats for several weeks. Now. Now. Karen Travers ABC news, the White House from Pennsylvania Avenue to Wall Street where markets have been falling all morning right now, the Dow is down five hundred fifty seven points today after apple made the surprise announcement that it's cutting revenue estimates by billions the problem. I phoned demand is slowing in China. Hiring is picking up though across America payroll company. ADP says two hundred seventy one thousand jobs were created last month. The Labor Department is out with its look at jobs tomorrow. The hunt goes on for a gunman who fired into a car near Houston killing a seven-year-old girl. ABC's will car is. They're shooting is shattered one family here in Houston. A seven year old girl is dead her loved ones pleading for answers and some members of this community are now questioning at this attack was racially motivated seven year old jasmine Barnes was in the car with her mom and her three sisters on Sunday morning. When Dorsey and man, red truck pulled up next to them as sort of firing into their car. You're listening to ABC news. Arizona's.

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