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The civil war and even what happened after the civil war after the civil war in the south the majority of the plant that slaves were owned by african americans they owned them yeah big it was a huge transition that we had to go through and what led up to the civil wars very complicated but it's similar to what we have going on today california doesn't like was going on and the rest of the country and they would like to succeed and as for hundreds of reasons why is dodgers worn as a whole myriad of reasons why so it's it's very complicated when you're not getting along going back to some of these older storage you look at the relationship between the uh the northern general winfield scott hancock and the very famous southern general thomas stonewall jackson they were the closest of friends they both vied for the same woman's and uh they were room he's at west point they were tighter than tight often jackson who had a problem would math when asked hancock to complete the map assignments for him at two west point and and them into bobby lee and hancock would do that because they were such great bodies and then because of all of this turmoil and where they lived defending those states it put them on opposite sides there's so many stories like that of the battle of gettysburg was interrupted the most horrific terrible battle was interrupted when one particular northern general and again i think it was winfield scott hancock may have been another he was wounded in the groin it at gettysburg was allowed to go cross the battle line and visit the confederate camps to say goodbye to one of his closest friends and other general was mortally wounded they shut the whole damn battle down gettysburg wait a minute we're going to allow this man to do this say goodbye to i forget the names of one of you would know i mean ththat's just how different things were back then it was truly brother against brother is terrible terrible this is came j analysts cairn in the camden news center straight ahead aboard your business next gritted under fire i mirrored bettiah tomorrow.

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