Justice Department, Germany, Angela Merkel discussed on Dennis Prager


The us auto sales during the first half of the year we'll look at the numbers from correspondent rich thomasson sales rose one point eight percent in the first six months of twenty analysts attributed to strong consumer confidence and low unemployment but experts at cox automotive issue a cautionary note saying that much of the increase was due to low profit sales to freak buyers like rental car companies and retail sales to individual buyers were propped up by rising incentives like rebates and subsidized leases rich thomasson reporting colleges now have the go ahead from the federal government to leave race out of their decisions on admissions and enrollment the trump administration reversing guidance from the obama era urging schools to take race into account those memos were among twenty four policy documents the justice department says are unnecessary and outdated more of these stories from townhall dot com germany's chancellor angela merkel says the eu will make every effort to avoid a trade war with the us mackel has told us lawmakers that is worth every effort to try to defuse trade conflict with washington so that it doesn't turn into a real wall she says while stressing the punt this of course they're two sides to it she added that the good functioning of the world economy depends on countries working together as partners as well as imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum the trump administration is mulling over with its we include cars trucks and auto parts charlton desma president trump celebrated active duty service members and.

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