America, Mr Kim, Pentagon discussed on The Economist Radio (All audio) - Tasting menu: Audio highlights from the August 5th 2017 edition


America's armed forces for all their might cannot reliably neutralize the north korean nuclear threat before mr kim has a chance to retaliate the task would be difficult even if the pentagon had good intelligence about north korea it does not it is better to contain them provoke and president trump should act accordingly he should affirm that a nuclear attack by north korea on america or one of its allies will immediately be matched mr kim cares about his own skin he enjoys the life of a dissolute deputy living in a palace and with the power to kill all bed any of his subjects if he were to unleash a nuclear weapon he would lose his luxury isn't his life so what his cronies that means they can be deterred from one sordid situation we move onto another but this time the topic is rubbish china is one of the world's most fervent importers of recycled waste but it seems who have lost its taste for foreign trash this could disrupt a global trade worth billions of dollars as an article in our china section explained china dominates international trade in many goods that few more than waste for recycling it sucked in more than half the world's exports of scrap copper and waste paper in 2016 and half of its used plastic all in all china spent over eighteen billion dollars on imports of rubbish last year and while china likes to take it all in other countries like america have a lot to dish out in 2016 nydia quota of america's biggest exporters by volume where recyclers of paper plastic or metal.

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