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Thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net. Production available on apple podcasts and podcast. One. It could be a little frustrating, especially if you're in a hurry running late to find yourself at a railway crossing waiting for a train and the signals are going in the trains, not even there yet can feel a little bit tempted to try and sneak across the tracks. Well, don't ever trains are often going faster than you expect them to be and they can't stop even if the engineer hits the brakes right away can take a train over a mile to stop by that time. What used to be your car's just crush Huckabee metal? What used to be you? Well, better not to think about that. The point is you can't know how quickly the train will arrive the train can't stop even mid-seas u-. The result is disaster. The signals are on the train is on its way. And you just need to remember one thing. Stop trains can't. Broadcasting from the Mercedes studios. This is Dan Patrick our two on this Monday, Dan, and the Dench Dan Patrick show here in New York City here New York today and tomorrow, and then we will get ready for the unveiling of the brand new main man cave that'll be coming up on Friday. A couple of headlines the obvious one. Tiger Woods wins the masters. He's the favourite for the PGA championship. That's right. The PGA moved up this year. And it will be next month. Luke, Walton fired hired nets and magic win tonight. Nets in the Sixers clippers and the warriors. Also, Russell Wilson has a deadline. Today's the deadline for the Seattle Seahawks Detroit to come up with a long term deal. I guess the here's your deadline or else. The else is that he won't negotiate once the season starts or later on this year, which I don't think that that's true. Feels like if they are going to make him the highest paid quarterback in the league and surpass. Passing Aaron Rodgers. I don't think Russell Wilson and his Asia gonna go. Nope. I told you April fifteen eight seven seven three DP show, Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. Twitter handle with DP show best and worst of the weekend. Your phone calls coming up. We will give you our best and worst of the weekend. We started off last hour talking about Tiger Woods with what he's been able to accomplish fifteenth major. He's got eighty one career wins. So he's second to Jack with Major's second to Sam Snead all time with victories. Mike, tariq. Oh, had the call for.

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