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A report on rights abuses in central african republic during the country's elections latest data on global refugee resettlement numbers. And a good news. Update on corona virus. Vaccine shipments bound for africa. All this and more in this week's you and catch up datelined. Geneva with me. Daniel johnson and salonge bahati headquarters. Thanks for listening. I the news with katie dartford. The un report covering the human rights situation over the past year in the central african republic has called for an urgent end to mountain abuses and violations. The document published on wednesday covers the period from july twenty twenty two june twenty twenty one which includes presidential and national elections during this time armed groups carried out a violent bid to disrupt the elections and in response to countries defense and security forces launched a military operations to retake the territory from them. The joint report by the un human rights office and the un mission in the central african republic documented five hundred twenty six incidents of abuses and violations of human rights. All in one thousand victims were affected including one hundred and forty. Four civilians on non competence. Who were killed by parties to the conflict. The coalition of armed groups known as the cpc was responsible for over half of the documented incidents. The central african armed forces internal security forces and other security personnel including russian military. Instructors were responsible for forty. Six percent of the confirmed incidents. The report said the number of refugees given shelter in safe. Host countries plunged last year because pandemic border restrictions which continued to hamper the resettlement of vulnerable people. That's one of the findings of a new report by you in refugee agency. Unhcr and the world bank. Which said on thursday that sixty four thousand asylum-seekers started new lives abroad in host countries in two thousand nineteen but only twenty two thousand eight hundred did so last year. The downward trend has continued in twenty twenty one with only four and a half thousand people resettled from january to march while fifty seven countries still deny access to non-nationals and seventy-three have restricted access. The people of.

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