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With these people being mad like you only mac is not happening to your team no because i'm in that bill wagon i'm saying there's no competition there's no we already know but you and you're saying that negatively if feels your team your senate pasta you'll still what you say you don't wanna watch 'cause there's no when their pills hovering to your team you're like noodle watch saying yes lada the leaned is host the year break records than a no competition it'll be like we are fan of merck the whole league but says is having to give people saying it's bad i don't know if i could say that we all lived through the jordan era and you ended it i don't know i loved it but at the same time that one no super team knows we all we were all we were all kids growing up in europe they were deep in the kanka para san to happen gordon's they were nobody was touching they did not have competitions like the engine they were i mean yeah because one person i want it was it more was it was a team but also you got the best rebound on me who was the best overseas ran like you what you had at what everybody offer you base had d best or one of the best in the league will give jordan across krause made sure that he had people join the people around here too so as you should buy yet once storrow support he had a lot of trust with the front office has four kids saying in aden's jordan wasn't the know what my when it was just jordan nobody else he seems like now this this dude is talented but we i'm the pieces around ride in at as part of have agreements so this downfall happened the cleveland that was poor gm gm 'cause there's no reason why will branche head that type high seas on his own by keeping love him kevin love there was still reason for his for him to do it yeah in lebrons superstar as g here but you know what has involved no brown we can't we got about the volatile run you don't you're not the owner so you can't show this we can talk we'll take these chains this move at see going wrong way that purchased by that by the we need to add him or at swiss them to train whatever you gotta do that that's a gm was supposed to do a good year did is best as you gotta remember that's a new gm first of all so he didn't even construct the first original that team he came in and having worked with risi but to his credit though you can't play for these flames these guys they brought in was doing decent during the season during the always the until the playoffs came disappear via what if that's not on the gm you know what i'm saying these guys was hot five in each other's my own lebron want yeah if you'll team don't play well in the players that's on the players not the gm is like i can't play field you know what i'm saying rack you if you suck it right now them you gotta take that ownership you know what i'm saying so was like jordan clarkson larry math don't be stupid well when i got there yeah then once spotlight got bigger we end the big stage right now some loon note in one last question christmas games which would you take who you think chris they always the same sparks except dishes including something isn't it lands ninety lecture yeah chris where they got a bit yeah they got a big tv labour's they lace of when they suffer they don't let i'm thinking lakers bosses of thinking lakers in boston they may drawing later wards because you got to remember they're in the same yet they're gonna play yeah this is an easy versus wet yet new that they're literally provision is so they don't blame with four times throughout the.

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