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With the assault on the D C police officer turned himself in. Charging documents and photos show vote tally grows Jankowski holding a Taser inside the Capitol January 7th by the way, he's also a district residents. Hey told the FBI he found that taste or nearby but did not use it on officer Mike for known Grows. Jankowski is charged with several federal crimes including impeding government business while carrying a dangerous weapon during the attack officer for known was taste multiple times He was beaten, his life was threatened, he suffered a mild heart attack. Roast. Jankowski is also a student at Gallaudet University, the school tells w t o P. Anyone engaged in violence is subject to disciplinary action, including expulsion or termination. Also new this afternoon, A teacher at Fred Lynn Middle School in Woodbridge has been placed on leave after apparently telling his students during an online class. He was at the Capitol on the day of the riot. The Prince William Times reports. The action against Teacher Benjamin Plumber was taken on Friday. Paper says A student took video of plumbers admission and posted it on. Social media not clear of plumber went inside the Capitol that day. Prince William County public schools is aware of the accusations it's investigating to see of school policies were violated. In a statement, the school dist. Rick says it recognizes the right of employees to take part in political activity on personal time. But it says employees may be fired if they take part in criminal activity. 3 12, the Loudon County Board of Supervisors, is set to vote on a resolution calling for the resignation of Virginia state delegate Dave LaRock. This comes just a week after LaRock said he regretted using the words colored community and responds to critics who blasted him for taking part in the rally and March before the Capitol riot. The resolution. That the board will vote on, says day full Iraq continues to promulgate disinformation about the election. It says his involvement and stopped the steel events has demonstrated he's unfit to represent Loudon County with honesty and integrity, Laurent tells w. T o p. He's amazed that at least two supervisors are so blinded by their hatred of what he and conservative stand for. That they're violating the First Amendment and there could of conduct by using county staff in a political witch hunt. Me log unstained wtl Pino 3 13 get ready for new Corona virus vaccine rules in Prince George's County. Right now, anyone can get the shot That's changing in early February because the county's already trying to juggle 1000 appointments a day Your appointment stands if it's for the second booster shot, But after February 9th the pre registration form now required for Prince George's County. Appointment will help assure their vaccine on Lee goes to residents and people who work there. Residents who complete the form will be notified when they're eligible to make a vaccine appointment. First George's County executive Angela also Brooks's vaccination appointments will be given first come first.

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