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Bullshit fuck and holiday there is you never hear a fucking you know peabody a wife bitch you see here what my fucking wife asking this she she has for this fucking stupid designer goddamn bag i swear to god it looked like somebody dumped toothpaste all over it you know like when some fucking jackass partners up with some high end label to do their version of the bag you know and then every fucking bored fucking douchebag has to go get the fucking thing you know that same weiss board i love her i just just i looked at the bag i'm like you look at that fucking thing that it's not good what are you going to do with that thing i like it i think it's interesting it's bold it's fucking ugly shit wish you guys could see this back remember those stupid fucking toothpaste that came out that was like toothpaste mouthwash and deodorant all at the same time it looked like a fuck and rainbow just imagine if you did that but it but it was also like cloudy like milk and you dump that on a beautiful gorgeous handmade fucking bag that was perfectly fuck and find you know what it's art you can't judge art yeah you can that sticks fucking sticks you know that's dead bags for people who like you know like john michel basquiat you know like the hacky artists that everybody knows you know people just like to say guy's name just so they can make it sound like they fucking undis- they can speak french shun michel basquiat you don't is fucking stick figures fuck it drew like that in the first grade.

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