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And you said these are truly red lines which sounds like you know article one of impeachment proceedings would you if he did that do you think that that would we have we have a strategy that will take place if he takes these actions but to get word into kind of where the president's allies wanna go to turn this election into what would happen if the democrats take over and impeachment that's not where i'm headed at what am i am headed towards is saying and holding somebody pride myself on being pretty darned bipartisan and i've gotten public and private assurances from the vast majority of my republican colleagues that they believe that the line too far as well i think history will judge all of us in the aftermath of this president's interference in an investigation into he and his associates activities potentially with a foreign power if people are not willing to stand up and protect that investigation and protect trying to get the truth when our nation was attacked by another nation and at least someone they feel it's mr trump involved then we're in a very very frightening and i do think constitutional crisis grounds for impeachment i'm not going there okay john brennan the former cia director recently tweeted this about president trump when the full extent of your venality moral turpitude and political corruption becomes known you will take your rightful places the disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history now some of brennan's allies say such language is justified by the extreme behavior of president trump but others including one we recently had on this program dan hoffman former cia station chief in moscow says that brennan by making comments like that is only playing into putin's hands exacerbating differences in our country and foreign allies and adversaries around the world they don't make the distinction between a currency director and a former cia director where do you come down when you read the comments like.

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