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Times editorial board usually endorses an establishment candidate for the Democratic nomination. It's endorsed bill. Clinton and Al Gore and John Kerry in two thousand eight the board chose Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama and in two thousand and sixteen chose Hillary again this time over Bernie Sanders This year the board has made the process more public than ever. The candid interviews were conducted on the record and published. Some of the deliberations were televised lost in the end. The board chose to different candidates a progressive Elizabeth Warren and a moderate Amy Klobuchar. That decision definitely got people talking. We're lucky that Katy Kingsbury who oversaw the process will be joining us today to talk about all of that. Katy is the Times as deputy epide- editorial page editor before she comes in. I should make clear that. Ross Michelle and I are not on the editorial board none of the OP. Ed Columnists are and we all. I feel fortunate to work at a place that celebrates debate and yes argument even among colleagues so before Katie joins US Russ and Michelle. What was your initial reaction into the joint endorsement Michelle? Well I was relieved that it wasn't Joe Biden and you know a lot of people really hated this. Online people were really angry online and and I think there was some initial misinterpretation that they were sort of saying. We'll just vote for a woman either Elizabeth Warren or Amy Klobuchar will do you know in some ways. The endorsement is kind of my own sinking which is vote for Elizabeth Warren. If you think Elizabeth Warren is to left for you vote for Amy Klobuchar Over Joe Biden so there was things in the endorsement that I thought were unfair. I thought some of the digs against Warren and also really against Bernie Sanders. Were a little unfair. But in terms of just advice to voters it was it aligned with what I think. Ross what you think I I mean I kind of hated it Since we're since we're being honest muster hopefully. I'll still have employment at the time after this conversation. My first thought was I. Guess Yeah I guess. To pick up from Michelle's she was relieved. They didn't pick Biden. Ice Looked at it and said okay. This means Biden is going to win And and it reminded me in a way of part of part of how the Republican primary process played out in two thousand sixteen. was that most of the elite factions within the Republican Party hated Donald Trump or disliked donald trump or at the very least were uncomfortable with Donald trump but they could never unite it and figure out which single candidate should you know be rallying point to actually beat Donald Trump and Joe Biden isn't Donald Trump but he's similar to trump in the only people who seem to like him are voters and don't you think Bernie Sanders don't you think you could say the same Bernie Sanders I mean. I think I I can do a riff on how this helps sanders too. I think that there's a world where a sort of anti Biden vote coalesce around Elizabeth Warren. There's there's a world where it somewhat more improbably coalesce around Amy Klobuchar but having the time aditorial board sort of a literal manifestation. The station of elite liberalism on offense intended guys Unable to actually recommend coalescing around a single figure just seemed like a sort of Nice distillation of how Biden's path to the nomination is going to work What did you think David? I'm not positive about this but I'm getting more secure or in the notion that I think Warren would make the best present but I'm not yet persuaded. She would make the best nominee because I really do think there's a chance she's less electable than some of the other candidates and I think has the best electability case and so I completely understand the desire to lift them. Both up But I also agree. It felt anti-climactic tactic to not help voters choose between these two and and let's be clear. Many voters aren't in a lane. They are trying to decide between club. CHARN Warren or between Bernie and Biden and so in any event. I'm really looking forward to having Kadian. So we can get her involved in this conversation So Katie Kingsbury..

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