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I finally got it expects some texts for me coming up and ultra Kerr alter hemp ultra everything we get it. Obviously it omega health or sponsor of this show. Gotta show them love. I we talked about Greenacres source. Okay. Norman green acres and then out to omega health at twenty third and council, and then Dr Paul Rothwell, they're close to twenty thirty council. More fit medical doctor Castel Santana, Kim fuller, encompass wellness. We've got Dr Laura miles. We've got flourished pharmacy. We have Meridian nutrition at fourteenth and Meridian. And then we have Taylor's herbs over at forty six. The MacArthur we've got innovative pharmacy. Dave, Mason and Edmond and Haley's herbs out in Edmond is well, flourish pharmacy rite at one forty seven Dr Brian Frank over at Genesis had enough of this. Let's talk rats. The south is so the rats the rats. You know, how in in? Adam knows this. You know, how when people when when pharmaceutical companies, for example, they're trying to test out a drug, and so they first start with something like a rat. And you know, the metabolism their similarities between humans and rats, blabbity, blah. And so a lot of the stuff that applies to rats, not everything. But a lot of it. There's some crossover, and it applies to human beings. And so whenever a drug shows promise in a lab rat. They're like, hey, maybe we can move it to the next round of texts testing. Let's go primates. Let's go humans. Okay. So I was talking to a lab scientists the other day, and he gave me some interesting information about okay? So let's say you're testing a drug for obesity, and you need an obese rat. How do you make it a rat? Obese? That's an interesting question. Well, you give it something called rat Chow, but not just rat shell something called obese genyk Rach how it means feed him this and they'll get fat. So they make this commercially. You just call the the rat Chow company. You say I need a pound of obesity, genyk rat Chow, they send it to you. And then you feed the rats this obesity, genyk rat Chow, and they get fat. It's fascinating. Because here's how it goes. Let's talk protein carbs and fats ten percent protein, very very low ten percent protein. And then the rest is half half carbs and fats while forty five percent carbs forty five percent fat ten percent protein. Guess what? The standard American diet proportions are ten percent protein. Forty five percent carbs forty five percent fat. Isn't it interesting that the very thing that they feed rats to make them obese Josh obese is the exact proportions of proteins carbs and fats that Americans tend to eat that's causing us to be fat. Can you even believe that? Well, I and. Yeah. Adam sane. Yes. So I'm curious. I don't know if if Doug Kaufman told you this story Doug Kaufman, host of no the cause writer of author of twelve books, blah, blah, blah. I've worked with him for thirteen years. So when he was working at USC medical school. He was the doorbell rang is working in a lab. They said, hey, we've got delivery he goes down. And he sees this giant thing that looks like a cake box, and he picks it up, and there's all this movement, and it was rats, and he went up delivered it to the lab. And they said what are you doing? And he said, what do you do any cell? We're doing a or diabetes study. And he said really well. So what do you do he says, well, we I have to give the rats diabetes. So what do you how do you give rats diabetes? And he said, oh, it's easy. You take this fungal poison called aflatoxin b one you give it to them. They get diabetes. Just like that. The same thing happened months later, but they were doing a cancer study. How do you give rats cancer micro-toxins, fungal poisons? You say, well, I'm not exposed to fungal poisons. No, no, the fungal poisons that they were giving these lab rats are the very fungal poisons that your eating when you eat in America corn peanuts pistachios. Wait, right. Oh. In the two thousand to November. So journal of the American Medical Association, doctor Ruth at Seoul wrote a complete article that showed micro-toxins fungal poisons that are either commonly or universally contaminating the American food supply highest corn, she used the word universally contaminated with the fungal poison called aflatoxin b one which happens to be the notorious the most notorious natural carcinogen that means cancer causing agent in the world aflatoxin b one that same aflatoxin b one is what they would give lab rats to give them diabetes that same aflatoxin b one is the same that they would give lab rats to give them cancer, the obesity genyk rat Chow to make sure that rats are going to be obese predictably is the exact proportion of carbs, fats and proteins. That Americans are eating in the standard American diet. You think we're getting tons of meat. Actually, it's about ten percent protein that we're eating about ten percent. Then about forty five percent fat about forty five percent, carbs and of those carbs. It's not forty five percent, blueberries and spinach carbs. It's forty five percent pop tarts. It's forty five percent milkshakes. It's forty five percent. I was about to name a Donut shop, but I love him too much to rag on donuts doughnuts. He went on to say, by the way, the rat Chow guy. He went on to say that doughnuts. If you could create a perfect obesity food if your goal was to create the the weapons grade obesity. It would be the doughnuts virtually no protein, nothing, but carbs and fat. It is like a megaton missile that just plumps and plumps and plump swollen. It's toxic fat to your body. Doesn't recognize. Out of corn. And we have a perfect try it. Right. That's when they do the free Donut made out of corn flour, it's free. Now, you've got mycotoxin on top of that. When we.

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