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On in boxing and now a man who I wish was called the Boston leader. It's sort of like getting punched in the face. All right we'll come back to another episode of the SL boxing. Podcast glad you could join me this week. Lot to get into lots of news going on in boxing. We have a terrific show lined up for you Kevin. I only senior boxing writer or sports. He is up. I we look back on the weekend. That was specifically the show. Down in Miami Dimitrius android knocks out. Luke Keeler to defend his middleweight belts. Yet terrific fight between seven farmer. Joe Dias the youtube fights continue to be a thing Kevin and I talk about all that and much more. We look ahead to to what could be next for. Cannella seems like Mirada is out as a potential opponent. What is canals next? Look like and will we see Cannella goffin down the line then the disturbing video devante Davis we talk about Davis a little and just why incidents like this seemed to be so accepted in boxing. We don't seem to. There's no repercussions for things like this for boxes. We talked about that and much more a little bit later on Bob. Arum the hall of fame. Boxing promoter always entertaining Bob. His Co. promoting the Tyson fury deontay wilder fight. Coming up on February twenty-second we talk about that. We talked about the state of top rank. The Future of the company after Bob. Arum is gone a whole host of topics one of the most entertaining guys in all the boxing. I if you like this podcast. There's one easy way can support it head over at Apple podcast or itunes post a comment leave rating. It's simple it's easy. It's free if the best way to make sure that we keep doing this podcast week after week. That's it all right onto my conversation with Kevin Kevin. I only is here Yahoo Sports Boxing MMA writer. What'S UP Kevin? I am doing great Chris a of good fights but I'm really looking forward to heavyweight title. Fight coming up. I love my shelf heavyweight title fight so I can't wait till water and fury to. I'm looking forward to as well but it's you know because you said that. I'm going to jump down the rundown hero quick and like boxing January. I look at it and I. There was some fun fun. Upsets I mean Jesse heart versus Joe Smith even though. I don't think that was big up big upset a huge uptake but Jason. Rosario knocking off Jay Rock Williams goes made for entertaining moments but like they was especially the case of Rosario such a big upset this past weekend Dimitrius Android Luquillo blow like. It's still a problem in boxing that these main events are not fifty fifty even sixty four types of fights. That's what it needs like. That's what you're experiencing. Ufc it happens way more often. I think that's the one advantage. Dana White has over boxing. He's conditioners fans to expect you know fifty fifty or fifty five forty five fights in there and all the fights not just in the end the main event you know every now and then you can't help it and you get one. That's a little wider than that. But that's what you get weekend and week out in. May and so the fans expect that and they get upset when you have like Donald Cowboys ceremony. The all time leader in wins and people were upset that he was fighting CONOR MCGREGOR. Because you know he had lost two fights in a row so but in boxing. I tries me crazy that is to think. Why is Luke keillor getting a world title? I forget about why as Andrea Fighting. But why is he getting world title shot? He doesn't deserve it and we saw that ten seconds into the fight. Yeah less I mean I knocked down. Came very quickly for android. I mean as some of the covers both sports. Is there anything box and could take from? Ufc that that would be useful or is it. Just the fact is just there are facts. Are THAT BOXING. So fragmented whereas Dana White has control over ninety percent of the top talent. And I think that's the fair statement. Chris you know when you look at it There's so many promoters so many networks they all have divergent interests and in the business. You know you really have to interest you have UFC. Which I would say probably has seventy seventy five percent of the top one hundred fighters in the world and then you have Bella tour which is the second big promotion they're owned by Viacom slash. Cbs and they have a large number of the best fighters in the world and then that's it and UFC is able to make most of the great fights that they want to make as a result when you go into boxing. We have tarrant Crawford fighting for top rank and there's a ton of good fight therefore him but al Hayman has his own ideas of what he wants to do. Because he has guys lined up at he can put on Fox and not have to deal Ehrman and talk about. Do I WANNA put Crawford on? Espn or what am I going to do? That's the problem really inherent in boxing. And it's Never GonNa Change under the current system that we have. I mean I want our probably send over a YouGov. Who won this past weekend? I think he's a candidate to fight. Turns Crawford as kind of like an Andy Ruiz type of sea level? Pbc Guy going over to fight Crawford but we still outside a wild and fury. We still haven't seen evidence that they'll be able to work together. Yeah you know Gary Russell Aloma Janko and there've been a couple of other things but mandatory situation right there. It adds to write I. It's rare that we're going to. We're going to get that. Let's be honest you know but it's rare with anybody I mean. I don't want to put the blame on Arum. Heyman look does own did the fight with Ramirez and Maurice Hooker. Which is good but you. You don't see those two sides working together a lot. This is just a big problem and I think all these exclusive contracts. I loved it back in the showtime. Hbo Days when Jay Larkin. The late Jay Larkin came out and said great fights no right and they decided not to sign these long term contracts with fighters so that they can cherry pick good fight. It was easier to do that in that day. Because you didn't have as many competing entities now you have a lot more options and everybody wants to exclusive account so it makes it a lot harder. Yeah I think that's something with my understanding of what does zones trying to do in two thousand twenty s that is more towards that that Jay Larkin model. They're they're looking to not necessarily sign guys to multi fight deals but again you get these big fights like perhaps a hooker versus program. Some point this summer I think that's the top of their agenda. Yeah I think that that's really what they need to do. Because I think if you look since September eighteen when they started and they promised you know pay per view level fights on a subscription service. I I think you got your money's worth if you're a boxing fan you know. There's been a lot of good fights on dissolve. But you haven't gotten your money's worth if you're just a casual fan. Who wants to see the big name you want to see Camello? Al Rosen Floyd Mayweather. You're not seeing those guys in those kind of fights. Canelo to their credit has fought forget rocky fielding but he came back and he fought. Danny Jacobs Kovalov in his last fight. So that was good but I think for the most part the type of fights and we were thinking fights ahead Ben on. Hbo Pay per view for years are not showing up on zone. And that's the real problem. I think if they can pull that off make that switch then. I think they're going to get ahead of the game. I mean I think it's a really good service for me and you fight fans but it's not such a good service for just somebody who wants to watch a big fight every now and then. Let's talk about this past weekend. Anyone that listen to this podcast those Ahmed Dimitrius android fan really. Just look. I believe in the guys talent and I'd love for him to get the ability to showcase it against one of those guys. And unfortunately what we saw Luke keillor it was a level versus D. level at that point just a completely one sided performance as somebody is another side of this conversation. Give me your thoughts on on Android and his whole situation right now. Well I am high on Andrey less I on and then you are. I just don't like I talked to him when he signed. Keeler and I brought up with his father said to him and the celebrity fight and after the first round. Hey Don't do this be careful and it was almost like you know instead of going out there and have that star making performance blow this guy out in two rounds and and get out of there and look good. He's saying be cautious. Just don't take any chances whatsoever and I think in boxing the rea the reason you become a star to a certain degree is if you take risks in you succeed and manny. Pacquiao is a great example that he took a ton of risk. No we find that one memo Marquez. He utterly but people still loved him for that and I understand you know it. It's easy for me to sit here and on this chair and say you know Dimitrius. Andre should take risks when I'm not the one in the ring fighting and it's not my health but if you WANNA complain about not getting the big fights and you WanNa complain about not getting the exposure and the big paydays. You have to do what it takes to get that especially in. This fractured time. The sport what we talked about earlier just dovetails into his situation. Right if you WANNA get those kinds of fight if you WANNA be in that type of spotlight you have to fight fights at people get turned on by and he's not doing that and I thought he really embarrassed himself against Luquillo. He couldn't get this guy out of here. The corner was gonNA stop the fight after it was at the second or third round. Keeler was just totally overwhelmed. You could see emotionally. He was he just couldn't deal with it and to meet your still couldn't get him out of there and to me. That was an embarrassment. I think he's a great talent. And if he were to say Hello Alvarez he would give a lot of trouble because he's such a good boxer But you know there's that special something that make Floyd Floyd Manny Manny Canola and. I don't know the Dimitrius. Has that one of the things. I was surprised that he struggled with was the ability. To finish. You know as I'm watching from ringside he was if he had just slowed down a little bit. Maybe taking a step back and come forward. He probably would have been able to finish Keeler but he was so he can never create that space and for a guy that we look at as an elite talent. You've got to be able to do that like that's something that you've got to get into the gym and figure out don't you? I mean that's that's a big part of of being a great fighter being able to finish properly the thing that I looked at in that fight. They're really concern me. Chris was his foot work. I thought cuter dictator where the fight when in terms of moving to try to get away either did not wanNA fight. Keeler was trying to survive but Dimitrius did not trap them in a corner when when Keeler got to a corners because he went to the corner where he wanted to go in the stood there you know I think Dimitrius has to be better cutting off the ring and may in a situation like that and I think that was the same thing that happened was selected in that fight. He needs to get in a situation where he makes them fight where he wants to fight and how he wants to fight. He has the ability to do that. I don't know if you lost concentration or what it was but certainly if he would have done that he could have picked a shot gone to the body a little more than he did. You know he was head hunting a lot with those shots that he was throwing. I think he stops that guy easily and I think a one really good body shot would probably put him down and Keeler would have said. I've had enough and I think. The referee looking for a reason stopped that fight. I Know Andrea Thought. He Adam and the second rock climbing up on the ropes. Like that second time. He's done that by the way where he has not knocked a guy out. In those circumstances you know Dimitrius after the fight was talking about Billy Joe Saunders in my role in the ring I was trying to steer him away from that back to Charles Charles..

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