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Here is how walsh walsh walsh himself and as the stand in for all the anti-trump forces horses tries to spin why his bad character is good but trump's bad character is bad and why he who's accomplished basically nothing in his life is going to save the country entry and trump was accomplished. A lot in his life is going to destroy the country. Here's his spin look george. This is an easy to do. I just sat down with you and said i'm going to run for president. I'm going to challenge orange this guy i'm opening up my life to tweets and attacks everything i've said in tweeted now trump's gonna go after in this bullies are going to go after you ready for it. Yes i'm ready for it right. There is courage involved in running for office. They're actually you open yourself up to. All these attacks but trump is already demonstrated that right kind of a wash. It's easy to preen from the sidelines but when you actually compare yourself. It's a little bit tougher. You might find out joe washer not that much more virtuous than donald trump. You're not anywhere near as impressive as donald trump. You might find out that the narrative that trump is the worst guy in the world is maybe just that might just be a contrived narrative and walsh walsh is not the only one who's doing this kind of stuff. Trump is also being challenged in historical terms from everyone from the far right to the far left and the centre right in the center left. Here is brett brett stevens speaking on meet the press in even more hyperbolic terms than joe walsh the real issue for for republicans simply took call out the fact the president does not stand in any way for the traditional conservative economic principles that have defined the party for the better part of the last seventy two what he just said is not true. It's a misconception. I'm not saying he's lying but he's getting it wrong. Stevens is making this economic argument that donald trump is totally reversing conservative and republican economic policies of the last seventy years you hear this a lot from libertarians trump is not a true conservative conservative capital t capital c. trademark over the e because he's questioning unfettered global free trade..

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