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His two thousand two hundred forty four meters above sea level. That would be two thousand two hundred. What seven thousand over. Seven thousand plenty high nine meters of snow in the winter. Nineteen sixteen is still considered as the worst winter regarding the amount of snow. We got in recorded history so it was and finally when you're in slovenia. There is a lot of mountains but there's also a lot of caves. What what might you see in caves. Tina when you're in slovenia. Yeah we say that. In our car street in cars k. a. r. s. k. a. r. s. t. yes is so rich with underground world that you see more under the ground and the ground. There's over ten thousand caves. You can see stalagmites stalactites. Stalagmites are those that go from the ground and stalactites from the from the ceiling right when they joined together. It's a column and they are just wonderful they're beautiful. These are massive caves. Massive bay caves in slovenia that are like. Yeah there's big as a stadium. Yeah he's got these rivers way down below little walkways way above the distance. You see a portal and the latest pouring in s. And you feel like you're. You're a bit player in some scifi movie. It almost feels like that. And then you see some of the animals that live in those caves like the human fish which is considered as the little dragon The human fish human fish here. It's a human fish because of the color of the skin and it casts like legs and arms sticking out of the body. but it's like a gecko okay. And he's a creature creature that lives inside of the cave and Above all of that Honeycombed sub terrain you've got vineyards since some very trendy wine We do have some really good wine in our country. There's a lot to see in slovenia. This is travel with rick. Steves who've been talking with tina and sochaux goop. Let's finish our discussion of natural lavinia just with one special natural experience that you'd think anybody planning a trip to your homeland would want to be sure to enjoy. I'm gonna say a high odds for people who are fit willing to invest a certain amount of their time into this phenomenon. Views of the kids. I would say a hike in the judean osceola now and tina and i would probably choose same. Sasha julian alps. But since i want to go into another zone goodish burda area is amazing. That's very close to karst and it's an area that has rolling hills. Looks like disconnect beautiful nature amazing food and amazing wine. Now let's make sure people know gory showed done but the g. o. I s. k. A. n. b. Now i was taught you have to have a a vowel. And this is a and two syllables. Where's the vowel tend to be a little lazy with heard your go bird and it's It's it's just a beautiful. It's also another winegrowing. Region is a beekeeping region. It's just it's beautiful. You've got everything you're looking for anthems and you got your wine and you got your beautiful slovenian countryside Can we finish just with teach me a phrase or a slovenian word that i should know what i'm hiking in those mountains. You always absolutely always have to greet people on the threes so i would say dober- don dover john's good afternoon afraid student. Good day good after labor done tina and when you will be resting in an alpine hut you'll probably have some schnaps. You need to know how to say cheers not Like the nasdaq. Abby had obvious that the same in russian similar similar yeah nostra. Yes and don't forget to look into people's eyes when you toast with them. Because can i make it a little bit melodramatic. Can i go nuts. yeah you can. Yeah that's not insulting.

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