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This is the BBC news with Kelly the United Nations secretary general has told the BBC that the truth must be established about the disappearance of a dissident Saudi journalist that his country's consulate in the Turkish city of his stumbled. Antonio could terrorists said incidents of this kind of becoming more common and the international community would not tolerate them. Come Ahmed reports. The UN secretary general's demand for the truth would increase diplomatic pressure on Saudi Arabia over the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi who was US resident on Washington Post writer, the journalists visited the Saudi consulate in eastern bull type of the second and has not been seen since sources close to the Turkish intelligence services claim that there is evidence basic soggy who has been critical of the Saudi regime was killed any involvement is strongly denied by Saudi which has sent a team to Istanbul to investigate the case together with the Turkish authorities. The US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has had his following developments on the investigation into the disappearance of Jamaica Shoji, but said he's still plan to attend an investment conference in Saudi Arabia later this month, the head of the International Monetary Fund. Christine Lagarde said she would go to the meeting the World Bank. Chief Jim Kim has also withdrawn the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has called on Ankara to quickly free. Other Americans in prison in Turkey after the release of the evangelical pasta, Andrew Brunson. The American government has insisted no deal is struck. As Chris Buckley explains down. Drew Brunson appeared in court and was actually convicted of charges of spying on effectively helping terrorist groups, but he was immediately release nonetheless there are questions specifically about why this happened at this stage uncertainty. The US has been putting on a normal little pressure over the past two years as he is being detained and they've been. Trying to do all they can and a low President Trump has said that there was no deal. They're helping some reports in the US media suggesting that there was an attempt to have some kind of negotiation. Some kind of secret deal behind the scenes, the former Malaysian Deputy Prime minister and opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is facing the first test of his return to political life. Mr. Anwar who was pardoned earlier this year after being jailed in two thousand fifteen is contesting parliamentary by-election today. Roger Walker reports. Anwar Ibrahim is expected to win the by-election import Dixon but analysts say he needs to win convincingly to maintain his momentum and fulfil his ambition of becoming Malaysia Prime minister in may Mr. Anwar join forces with his former bitter political rival Mahathir Muhammad to win a shop general election victory over the baddest Shan national coalition, which had governed Malaysia for more than sixty years. You're listening to the. World news from the BBC officials in Nepal said these eight climbers missing on the gurjin Himal peak after snowstorm start their camp. A police spokesman said five South Koreans and therefore Nepalese guides are presumed to have died. The Venezuelan government says it has released a political prisoner who had been held for four years mostly in the country's intelligence services building in Caracas. The statement said Laurenti Sala who was a student leader have been freed and was being flown to Spain for treatment the ficials said he'd been released because of concerns he might take his own life. Laurenti solace mother has not confirmed yet that he has left the prison the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania next month's US elections, Scott Wagner has taken down a video from social media in which she threatened his democratic opponent. Mr. Wagner was heavily criticized for remarks he made in the video in which she threatened to stomp all over his opponent's face who governor wolf, let's. Me tell you between now and November six you better. Put a catcher's mask on your face because I'm gonna stop all over your face with golf spikes because I'm gonna win this for the state of Pennsylvania. We're throwing you out of office is well behind the incumbent, Tom Wolfe in opinion. Polls ahead of the November the sixth election personal data about thousands of workers at the defense department is reportedly being compromised after a cyber attack. A Pentagon spokesman said an investigation of being launched into the hack which was discovered on the fourth of October and search and rescue teams in the state of Florida have begun work in Mexico beach. The town hardest hit by hurricane Michael the storm devastated communities across the region. Hundreds of paper on the counted. For a total of sixteen people being confirmed dead across the southeast of the US. As a result of the storm, a number of f twenty two stealth fighter deserve to have been damaged after being left behind at a Florida. Airbase BBC news. It's six oh, six GMT. Welcome.

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