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The blunt force trauma to her mouth and face was also caused by the fall. What they said was that was consistent with injuries sustained in a fall. Yes you could be injured this way. in the event of a fall possibly possibly. Yeah but there's something about the way that these are described that makes it seem like more violent than that but the other strange thing is the poems of her hands which you think would be in terrible shape on someone who'd fallen at least a couple of times we'll and i was also thinking on your hands and knees up a concrete abutment. You'd have some sort of abrasions. Yeah but holly's poems had no injuries. And i mean nothing. It was actually the back of her hands. That were covered in cuts and scrapes. Now one of the things that they talk about in both the podcast and the documentary is could she have had her hands up like she was protecting her face from something. You mean like from someone it could be someone or really could even be some thing now. I haven't seen photos of her hand. So i don't know what the injuries look like to describe them to you. But i think about being in holly's position one of the natural instincts. We have is to protect our head in our face. So imagine you're incomplete darkness. You're falling and then crawling through a rough area. I'm just thinking going through the fence. It's not like super claims like brush and stuff like you're physically going through rough branches and sticks and thorns honestly. I think i'd be covering my face and your point. If someone was coming at me. I would for short be covering my face but i think someone's it was coming at me. It's almost like my natural instinct. You see defensive wounds. It'd would be like did do that with my poems out however if i was more vulnerable like holly i don't know if i would react the same way and have those normal defensive wounds that you'd expect like maybe the instinct to push away or even fight back happens when you can see your attacker right. And if you're incomplete darkness in someone's attack new you might just go into that immediate defensive position but i guess my question is if her instinct was to cover her face. Why is that the place where she sustained the most severe injuries. Yes so see. This is where i spiral on this case. Either way an interesting observation that tom makes that she has these wounds on the back hands but not the poems something that wasn't called out at all during the initial investigation to me. It's one of those things that is like. How can you say what happened. When they're unanswered questions still four things. That aren't even mentioned right. But here's the thing i mean. Tom's finding all of this new stuff so many years later but even with the new insights the conclusion. Tom comes to after all of his work in twenty. Eighteen is actually the same one. Halifax police came to in twenty ten. He says holly's death was an accident and her injuries were the result of fall at least one but more likely a few but wait so we went through all of this and he agrees with the police's theory of what happened. So here's the catch. He doesn't agree with their theory. Just the conclusion okay. To the theory he puts forward is one that i think seems way more plausible than the police. As for a bunch of reasons most importantly it doesn't have holly walking all that way from her front door down to the bridge abutment on that night that behavior that made sense to anyone. And that's because. Tom doesn't think that's what happened. Tom's theory is based on the idea that the taxi driver could have been a little more involved than he let on the guys. Changing story is definitely a red flag. But tom thinks that there are kernels of truth in every version. He thinks holly did sit quietly in the back seat that night just like the driver set but at some point likely just before. They turned onto that long street so like right around that ken crust building. She hyped up or maybe he did talk about paying for the fair. Remember all of holly's friends say she didn't like to use cash. She used a credit card pretty much all the time and it would be unlikely for her to even have cash on her now. We don't know for sure if she did or did not have cash her that night. Lots of people carry emergency cash for example. So i don't know but let's say disregard sake for tom's theory sake that she didn't have any cash on her. There were lots of taxi drivers in halifax at the time who didn't have debit or credit machines in their cars again even in twenty ten and even when they did most of them would much rather take cash so what if calms opposes just as they were coming up to this ken crust building and right before turning onto north ridge road long road that leads to her -partment. Would've holly said that she needed to pay with a credit card. And what if the driver wasn't able to our didn't want to take a credit card. Remember he says at the time he didn't know she was blind and he didn't find out until the police came to speak with him the next day so to him. She's just another drunk girl who isn't going to be able to pay the fare now. We can't confirm this but it's highly likely that when holly called taxis she'd probably say up front but she needed someone who could take a card but if you remember. It wasn't her who called the taxi at night. It was her friend. Who called the cap. So tom's theory is that something happened in the cap and hallie actually didn't make it all the way to the circular driveway in front of her condo. We've already talked about how independent holly was. But she was also really stubborn and she was like shrinking violet either so if she was threatened or felt threatened she'd stand up for herself. So what there was some kind of confrontation between holly and the taxi driver that night. Maybe over cash credit whatever and she was either forced from the cab or bolted from the cab right there in front of the ken crust building. You see tom things she did fall. But not off the bridge abutment. He thinks that she fell down. Remember at the top of that fence. On that map i was talking about is like this steep embankment from the ken. Crest apartments all the way down to that fence keeping that she like bolts out of there and falls down that thing. Because this is where bay find. Holly's came the five dollar bill and that second hole in the fence. So tom thinks the cain was there the whole time and it was just completely missed by the police during their searches. No so actually. In tom's theory police didn't find anything during their initial searches. Because he says it probably wasn't there yet his thought was maybe it fell out of hollies hands or out of her purse and slid maybe somewhere in the taxi and that the driver potentially didn't discover it until later and then brought it back and it's the same thing he thinks with the wallet and the phone that were found up. Holly's front door. Maybe he tossed out the window or out of a moving car. I mean there's no proof really that holly was ever up there at all because even with that bus camera footage baseball the taxi but there was not enough like light. They couldn't actually see inside to release. There was a passenger in the car. So how tom dot again. There's a little bit of truth in every version of this guy's story will that includes the part about seeing her fall. He just doesn't think that the fall that the driver witnessed was up by her condo. He thinks that.

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