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Away Newsradio. Time is 102 deadly small plane crash in Adams County Wednesday near I 76 in the Brighton area. The sheriff's office says they received calls about a plane crash in the area of 168th Avenue and Gun Club Road near Van Air Estates just after noon. They found a single engine plane crashed in a field with a pilot deceased. There was no one else on the plane, officials say. Witnesses reported seeing a plane take off and after a few minutes heard what they believe to be an engine stall. The wings of the plane dipped and the plane began to spiral downward. Colorado attorney General Phil Wiser, urging the U. S. Department of Transportation to investigate Frontier Airlines. Weiser says there have been more than 100 complaints against the carrier and told Ko a news radio. Most were related to changes in travel plans impacted by the pandemic. When a company makes a promise about refunds or credits. It has to keep those promises in the frontiers case, a lot of consumer said their promises made them board cap. Frontier says it has followed proper rules and regulations and the carrier strongly disputes any suggestion to the contrary. After losing 23 to 5 to the Giants Tuesday, the Rockies bounce back with a 9 to 6 comeback win Wednesday. They overcame a 6 to 1 deficit behind home runs from Garrett Hampson and Sam Hilliard. Kevin Pilar, one of the newest Rockies at his first hit as Iraqi and also drove in the game tying and go ahead runs in the seventh inning that it was a Behind early after, you know, embarrassing losses today and we could easily fully easily quit things you about. Michael Givens picked up the win in his Rocky's Dave You pitching a scoreless inning Daniel Bard got his fourth save of the year. The Rockies air off today and begin a series with the Dodgers in L. A on Friday. Colorado Avalanche beat the Dallas Stars for the one Wednesday night to force a decisive Game seven in their second round playoff. Siri's game seven is Friday night. I'm Chad Bauer on K Away news radio 8:50 a.m. at 94 1 FM. Keep your phone close and keep it on the way news radio for your chance to win.

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