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Now, we gotta go back to the news. You know? I don't know what the main question is. It's open mic to mic Friday. You know? You know? And I I raised a number of issues today. Many of your calling obviously, and there's no defining these specific theme of the show. So I'm gonna just pick up the calls. We have one open line at eight five five four two one phone call. You know, I didn't get to one phone call that I've got to get to something here. It's about Maxine Waters. I had the guys research this. She's got the biggest mouth, and she's liable to become the gavel holder. But there's an article we found from March twenty seventeen entitled Maxine Waters isn't in any position to lecture on ethics Philip Wegmann Washington Examiner, and it goes back to the oh eight fiscal crisis. When Maxine Waters helped arrange a meeting between the treasury department and top executives of a Bank where her husband was a shareholder and using her post on the house financial committee as leverage she called Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson personally, asking him to meet with minority owned banks. Well. When treasury follow through. There was only one financial institution present one United now had that Bank on under the New York Times reported Maxine Waters husband would have lost as much as three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. But luckily for the waters family, one United Bank received a cool twelve million dollars in bailout funds after three years of special investigations, the ethics committee eventually ruled that Maxine Waters didn't technically break any rules. But that ruling came after nursing her more than questionable family business practices, like making her grandson Mickael more her chief-of-staff, officially the committee ruled that Moore went behind the congressman's back to continue to lobby for special treatment at best this shows that waters runs a haphazard office at worst it suggests that Maxine Waters deliberately took steps to avoid prosecution. Well, now, you know, the rest of the story, and I suspect that when big mouth waters God forbid, you take over the house with a guy. Aval? I believe this banking scandal will haunt her every time she opens congress for the day. And that's the rest of that story. Don't forget it by the way. Maxine Waters isn't in.

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