China, Mr President, Donald Trump discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Bill than Donald Trump. And the nice part is this not me saying, that's prime minister Netanyahu. But what about the president? What about the divides in this country? Mr president. What about healing the divides in this country? We wanna see it here. One of the things I think that can help heal is the success of our country. We are really successful. Now, we've gone up eleven point seven trillion dollars in in worth. You know, China's come down tremendously tremendously. China would have superseded us in two years as an economic power. Now, they're not even plus China got rid of their China twenty-five because I found it very insulting. I said that to them. I said China twenty-five is very insulting. Because Janet twenty-five Megyn twenty twenty-five. They're going to take over the world. I said that's not happening. And we've got way up. They've gone down. And I don't want them to go down. We'll have a good meeting, and we're going to see what we can do. But I have to say this billions of dollars will soon be pouring into treasury from taxes that China is paying for us. And if you speak to Mr. Pillsbury who probably is the leading thirty on China. He was on the other day saying he has never seen anything like it. And you know, who else hasn't China has Mr President? We're going to try and make a deal with China because I wanna have great relationships with president Xi is I do and also with China you're talking about.

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