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Sharp criticism earlier Thursday from Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. The Corona virus pandemic with 180,000 Americans now dead. Carris accused the president of freezing and his earlier response Now to the Gulf Coast, where the storm named Laura has come and moved inland, now a tropical depression. It was a Category four hurricane when it hit CBS News correspondent Courtney's Dubovsky is in Galveston, Texas, Louisiana took the brunt of the storm. There's damage across eastern Texas. We dodged a bullet we have Been able to have minimal or perhaps no loss of life. That is a miracle teams are out here in Texas and across Louisiana, assessing the extent of the damage. The storm left tens of thousands without electricity. It could be weeks before it's restored. That storm now blamed for at least six that's in Louisiana. In Kenosha, Wisconsin. Protest continuous do investigations into the police shooting of a black man now paralyzed and the assault weapon killing of two men during Tuesday demonstration's about the police shooting of Jacob Blake this past weekend, authorities say police found a knife on the floor of Blake's SUV. The incident fueling frustrations over systemic racism is the aftermath of Tuesday's shooting gets a closer look. Alledged gunman. Kyle Rittenhouse walking away gun in tow one law enforcement officer seeming to ask Riton House if anyone was hurt two incidents. Two videos, with some asking why two different responses. Meantime, the Blake shooting continues to reverberate in the sports world, with many pro team events postpone basketball baseball soccer football practice because of protesting players sports, also mixing with the Corona virus Situation. Eight University of Nebraska football players a file a lawsuit against the Big 10. They want the conference to reverse its decision to postpone fall sports because of covert 19, among other things, the legal action contention. The league did not.

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