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Thirty. I'm Anthony Davis. A young Tunisian man armed with a knife and carrying a copy of the Koran attacked worshipers in a French church and killed three yesterday prompting the government to raise it security alert to the maximum level hours before a nationwide corona virus lockdown be attack in the Mediterranean city of niece was the third in less than two months. The French authorities have attributed to Muslim extremists including the beheading of teacher who had shown caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in class after the images were republished by satirical newspaper targeted in two thousand, fifteen attack. Thursday's attack Oh was seriously wounded by police and hospitalized in a life threatening condition after the killings at the Notre Dom cap. The imposing edifice is located half a mile from the site where another attack plowed a truck into a crowd on France's National Day in twenty sixteen killing dozens. President Emmanuel, macron said he would immediately increase the number of soldiers deployed to protect schools and religious sites from around three thousand to seven thousand. Franz. He's anti-terrorism prosecutor said, the suspect is June born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine, who reached the Italian island of land producer a key landing point for migrants crossing in boats from north. Africa. And travelled to Paris on October nine the prosecutor to set the attacker was not on the radar of intelligence agencies as a potential threat. Video cameras recorded the man answering answering the niece train station at six forty seven am where he changed his shoes and Tandy's coat inside out before heading for the church some four hundred meters away just before eight thirty, a m hit spent thirty minutes inside the church before police arrived virus side entrance, and after advancing down a corridor, they came face to face with the attacker whom they neutralized. An investigation was opened for murder and attempted murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise, a common term for such crimes. Trump rallies are among the nation's biggest events being held in defiance of crowd restrictions designed to stop the spread of the virus this at a time when public health experts are advising people to think twice even about inviting many guests for Thanksgiving. Dinner. It doesn't matter who you are away. You are when you have congregate settings where people are crowded together and virtually no one is wearing a mosque that's the perfect setup to have an outbreak of acquisition and transmissibility said Dr Anthony Fauci. It's a public health and scientific fact some states have find venues that host trump rallies for violating caps on crowd size, but the rallies continue as the USC's cases spike especially in the Midwest and the plains. The Nation posted a record high number of new infections last week, nearly five, hundred thousand, and the crowds keep turning out for trump a president who downplayed the corona virus threat scorned mosques and undercut scientists at every turn governors who resisted all rolled back containment measures amid public backlash state lawmakers who used federal covid nineteen eight to plug budget holes instead of beefing up testing and contact tracing as a powerful new wave of infections sweeps the US just ahead of election day the nation's handling of. The nearly eight month old crisis has been marked by what health experts see as grave missteps wasted time and squandered opportunities by leaders at all levels of government. The result the country could be looking at a terrible winter. The inconsistency of the response is what's been so frustrating said doctor, Irwin Redlener of the National Center for Disaster, preparedness at Columbia University if we had just been disciplined about employing all these public health methods early and aggressively, we would not be in the situation we're in now. Trump administration has removed endangered species protections from the gray wolf species once persecuted to near extinction in the US in a move that has been condemned as premature by conservationists. The wolves have been provided federal protection for more than forty five years. But this is no longer needed. According to David Bernhard the US Interior Secretary who announced the decision in Minnesota yesterday the species has exceeded all conservation goals for recovery said Bernhardt gray wolf numbers plummeted to around a thousand by the nineteen seventies after long being harassed poisoned and shot by farmers in ranches who considered them a threat to livestock Since being listed under the Endangered Species Act. The population has rebounded somewhat with around six thousand wolves now in the lower forty eight states. But biologists out the wolves which once roamed much of North America still only occupy a tiny slice of their former habitat confined to parts of Minnesota Wisconsin, Michigan and areas in the northern reaches of the Rocky Mountains with no federal safeguards Grey Wolves will be subject to a patchwork of state and local laws some of which will allow the trapping and killing of the animals A. Letter to the trump administration signed by more than one hundred biologists opposing the delisting argued that any perceived threats to livestock humans from wolves are easily manageable and the protections should remain. The trump administration has weakened the application of the act to make it much harder to list species as endangered as well as open vast tracts of wildlife habitat to oil and gas drilling among other activities. You can subscribe to five minute news on Youtube with your preferred podcast APP ask your smart speaker or enable five minute news as your Amazon Alexa Flash briefing skill. Please subscribe rate and review us at five minute. Dot. News five minute news is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate delivering unbiased verified, and truthful World News daily..

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