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The guys that he needs and then he has those sort of like a safety blanket guys and so if he can find a open for our mussa guy who is going to catch that ball and so having that confidence in him to be able to jump off a he's able to find him he knows when he throws it. It's going to be there I think that just speaks volumes. And i think it won't be long if it's not on gamed the you know the first week of the in the first game it's going to be just a couple of weeks down the road and we'll be talking about him as tight end one for sure. Am ben sorry. Dropped heath miller comparison. And you know it's that connection in no in that when i throw the ball. He's gonna find a way to make this happen. That's great stuff. And i've heard mixed reviews on after drafts. On what type of blocker he is but he's looked depressed and look again questions about the sewers offensive line but having tighten that blocks better. I'm eric brown. Hey can catch passes no time but he was never known for its blocking and heath miller you know. Everyone loves him as a receiver. But he wasn't extension of the offense align in he had a good offense aligned with with the steelers they alive. Good guys there. But that's the. She became at six outfits alignment on our running plates in. You know i think dow alone even if the question marks that Fans are seeing on the offense line that can make the offensive line so much better. So i'm encouraged. There's some good things that we're seeing here. Sewage fans with pat farmer. Let's get the number one the whole time clark by him number one. Pick first round. Pick for the steelers in the draft Man this podcast wash your were bemoaning. That struggled to the steelers are rang. Game had We were talking around draft time going. Hopefully we get one of these best. Running backs and sewers. Got nudge air san. I thought they played not j. A little bit too much in the preseason in my opinion but you got to see a good sample size of notching. I think not j. some the uncertainty Lines actually slow not j. down I sold some runs. Were he really had to struggle to get those couple actually yards in arizona lodging because the offensive line by a like his attitude. I he'll nice long reception against the lions. I liked that. I'm seeing some good suffering not to harass. I'ma worke year for him but i'm feeling a lot better than the running game that did the sign of last year so yeah now december one. I'm bees who we thought he was. Alexis parkinson the preseason all your thoughts. Yeah he's It's been beautiful to watch him. You mentioned he works hard to get those couple yards. But i think that's the key that he does get those couple yards. Felt like with james connor. You just kind of run into the line and then stop but he actually make something happen. He gets positive yards. I actually feel good for the first time since its peak feeling good about when we give the baltimore running back When the offense has that other dimension of not just two yard dump passes. Now i did get. My heart stopped when ben through that high pass to up for it. And i thought for sure he was gonna get sandwiched and for the year but yeah he. He looks fantastic. I'm really excited to see how this plays out for him. Yeah definitely joe. I mean we talked a little bit last week in our power. Five about The running backs for the steelers. Historically who have carried so much work load they shortened their careers. And so that's always going to be a concern for our steelers running backs because Because we're worried about wearing them out And i know that that played into a little bit of labiancas mindset when he got later into his his his tenure with the steelers and wanted to sit out but what i love the most about watching nausea in a preseason set of opportunities he came to play and wasn't squeamish going up for that pass in the in the middle of preseason and wasn't squeamish about those extra yards just here to play ball and that's what i want out of the steelers running game and i'm excited to see him be apart of everything because when we have a solid running game than i think all of steeler nation is going to be happy with everything that happens offensively with our team. Yeah i gotta call us. Sportsmen new men point to football game nadia here sky reading of seventy seven come on najjar should be. And i don't know hopefully man's maybe trying to spark a fire under not jay i. I haven't seen tweets not his mad ring but what's improve bit come on come on yard games and let's get that ring up a little bit you know what's taking their dead ben snow a couple points behind him. Come on if four. Louise from jay come on here so but they just want to underrate. Everybody who's on the pittsburgh steelers. I think and believe me. If we have more time we could talk about minka and teaches rating. Very.

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