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Ronnie Karen. This is his second of three podcasts today and I want to be aware of that before we're going into it. He has to watch the bachelor are Indu Roseburg's activists. He already watched crap today so Ronnie. You're my all star of the week. That's new yeah. I'm giving out an all-star the week. Oh thank you so nice so much fun to do. Oh my God I was watching this movie on the train coming back from Dallas and ended up taking seven hours on effing train but now it was so much fun the I watch so much T._v.. I really got to take a slow slow. Dive have into this lovely movie on lifetime. Okay honey. We this movie or this jet-train took you seven hours yet because they stop so many places here. No they hit a meth factory. Sorry I think because everybody on it was like there was one guy chasing paper towel. Okay me yeah tag yourself. Don't ask me okay. I'll never out you but I will tag you. Okay <music> this movie up on because I know that you like to really deep over and we talked about thingies at the top that I wrote and then I didn't even realize like the headline of all of it until I started to really watch it but I you just will save for me this the makeup this movie's offensively bad so I really WanNa talk about that towards the end <hes> for people at home who can't see just you know they seem to use the seem like yellow undertone Aiken sealer on every every actress. They only had one. It's they all have like yellow under is it's so unflattering. What does that Jaundice? Is that what it's called. What does the disease it turns yellow? It's Jaundice says babies get yeah Jon Benet also people who don't know how to match their foundation against dealers at it seem it did seem to me about by the time I saw that third or fourth woman's face. I was really like Oh they were working out of one person's makeup bag lake is it's made all of them. Look older or like just beat up in a weird way. It really did the make up was helping anybody and it makes me wonder who's doing this to them and why do they. What do they want to hurt them? You know because I feel like people know better like they see the seat the dailies you know it's not like post budget over a lifetime but still we can see the days. I have a greater theory about what happened with this movie so I was kind of like doing them three flake i._M._D._b.. Research when I started <hes> they watched it wants through and I didn't really register credits or anything like that in L._A.. Took my more bigger notes <unk> <hes> <unk> by just like writing that the boyfriend's mom <hes> Sandra in the movie her name is Barbie Castro and <hes> I found that like she mostly had been doing like small bit T._v.. Movies and then also dislike eggs videos like student film type stuff or second role ever was on America's most wanted Colon America fights back which was a documentary so I assume that she was in like some sort of reenactment but like as he started her to watch the movie you see I Mar Vista logo. Whenever I see a Marv used film I know that is at my alley honey and then oh what's the second card produced by Barbie Castro so the like the mother in this movie who's basically like the the heroine <hes> she and also probably like? I wish I was on heroin when I watch his movie like fucking the ways that these people move throughout in our lives is so slow. I'm like I WANNA get on that level so anyway Barbie Castro and then Barbara Castro is also the first person listed in the credits so Barbara Castro is <unk> basically a nobody in the scheme of this movie <hes> in a nobody in the scheme of General T._v.. Movies even released stunned some stuff but she purdue is this movie and starred in a end so oh I think Barbie Castro might be rich because the other thing to note in this movie is at the sets are lush leg day look rich. They don't look like joke sets where they're trying to do. An impression of someone rich day look like actual actual rich people locations L._A.. When when you're like can we just use your parents mansion? This exactly what it is in my mind was like I would not be surprised at Barbie. Castro like has family money any Fidel Castro may be a cousin. I don't know I don't have some sort of family money or something but she has. I feel put this together. This is all in Miami which is like a surprise location for lifetime because normally they wouldn't film in a city like Miami Dade Go Toronto. I feel like she really likes spearheaded. This operation it wound up at lifetime but the way that the script is written. You could tell that she probably pitch this to like. Studios does 'cause there are like there's an interesting relationship before bag on everyone in this movie I want to acknowledge this. They did do a good job of like filling out the <unk> dad of the morning late debtor mourning their son instilling out like their personalities in their relationships Ag- I felt like I knew more about them than I do and most lifetime movies in like considering I know so much about other characters in this movie. Will you much about Barbara Castro Joe as a woman just from her I._M._D._b.. Profile because usually it's like you know work stuff. This is Barbara Castro and I just wonder who wrote this so this is how it starts are the Astros. I know exactly ugly so Barbie. Castro's like Barbie Castro has one woman Dynamo born in Miami Beach Florida. She's hard working actress and producer who knows how to bring a project full circle from beginning to end. She has a keen eye for talent and a great sense of business. She's created for herself as a prominent entrepreneur in south Florida sweet girl attached as you earlier. I feel like she's the Sonja Morgan of like this world world. This is absolutely Sonya. Morgan's failed John Travolta projects like she is like I'm going to try my hand at the movie thing because she didn't even get into this until two thousand nine in and she like active a little bit but then this this movie I mean she's really at a decade-long career and I don't know I mean how old is Barbie Castro I. She's supposed to be like a forty year old woman in this movie yeah. I can't really tell because she it doesn't look like she's been really facially. You know lambaste you know blasted or whatever reminds me of like <hes> holly. Marie combs a little bit where she was like showing up a little bit natch on the breathe at Aligarh set where it's like. Oh Oh you really like you actually look like a woman your age yeah well. She loves the word killer to okay. We'll to in a lifetime movie. Her first feature film assumed killer premiered on Lifetime Armanda Sante Casper van Dien and Eric Roberts and caster in two thousand fifteen and she produced and Co starred in her second film patient killer. So why do you need to have killer at the end of lifetime do that because they like to do like blank blank at seventeen like blah blah blah at seventeen. She's only seventeen in Bobo Blah so she also came out with after boyfriend killer that same year she came out with girlfriend killer. That's that's a lot it's a lot and she said in my original intention just to answer. My question is like my girlfriend one. I'm Gonna I'll read the same damn thing you know. It's the same damn thing some like someone sitting at home. Take some guys texting where are you. I have been trying to reach you forever. It's like the same exact plot with different people so as if to answer my question she says my original intention was not to make killer movies all in caps I just fell into it and now I love the idea of having a killer library of movies dot dot dot. It's branding for my company as well when people see killer in the title of movie. I'm hoping they automatically think that's a Barbie Castro concord films production mm-hmm. I really like I'm not like blown away. I was like interviewing herself for her. I am where is she getting her money. Her spouse is Eric are or Castro. What's his Oh no he C._E._O.? And founder of the Bankers Healthcare Group and serves as the company chief lending officer Chief Operating Officer in Israel Mr for Castro oversees company operations so he's running a healthcare group like basically this is like if you're man's was like the top of the pyramid scheme and you like wanted to be famous I mean allegedly. I have Malaysia making it up but looking just looking at her bio. It's hilarious because it goes on for like pages Barbie Castro's an actress slash producers slash singer WHO's working in the South Florida entertainment world. She's a bilingual actress. After taking a hiatus from the theater to become a mom and a Dynamo Mine miami-based real estate agent quote unquote spark of inspiration from the most unlikely of sources motivated her to return to performing roots more determined than ever to achieve achieve success. Oh my goodness okay wait a minute in his actually so this is lining at Birmingham is so I went down to her late Trivia and she has a daughter and a son or maybe two daughters in your reese in Taylor cler Castro and they both appeared in all of her movies except this the res whoever that is they do all the like music sort of tech stuff and then Taylor. I don't know if you noticed later on we go to a funeral and there's like an autumn ounce of teenage girls there and I actually wrote into my nose. I feel like these are all barbies like teenage daughter friends like because why're why is this like college boys. The uniroyal packed with tween girls also. Please tell me that the daughter is the one who plays the female assistant because I was like who'd this girl have sex with but she's like twelve years old so I hope she didn't have sex with anybody to get this job. Actually that'd be great because has the boyfriend killer is really reminded me of poppy you know like poppy and it is her daughter. Taylor Castro does play that assistant because that girl is loaded the purchase file. Oh and she had so many things that her mommy to we're GonNa make you late outside. She's like somebody somebody and online once she comes in like holding flowers in in front of her face and she's like these flowers came again mess. I was like Oh God. What did this girl to do good to get her job and it all on the castle? She was the second assistant to like they had for some reason sooner they felt was more dynamic than her and the assistance like the only one. I kind of don't really get into when I do my initial notes but he's like I D- assistant in this movie is one of the greats <hes> Tim L. that I will say overall this movie as a five point five on I._M._D._b.. Which I didn't think was at bad crazy crystal <hes> I she really didn't Maury positioning better as she reminds me of kristen from banner pump roles crazy Chris Lewis played by? I'm Kate Manzi. She was on how I met your mother probably every time I see a girl who's on how I met your mother and like Oh. She was probably one of the potential MOMS I've never seen that show but is that how that worked growing watching that show when we come on watching that how I met your mother. I don't WanNa hear my own parents talk about that. You know like I literally don't care talk about like a quiet machine. Okay turn it on and the waves wash over me while I sleep through your story okay and she's been on days of our lives for a very long time. Including this whole thing was shot <hes> barbies mom okay as we got Barbie okay. Don't we have the drunk Dad Charles. He's played by Patrick Muldoon who I figured you would know a lot about because you know the melrose place ace world days of our lives. This man works. I will say one thing that I took away right away was at this man works alive days of our lives..

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