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E. Don't know what their preoccupation and she loves that hairstyle, two perps or something like that. Oh, alrighty. Let's see. By the way, The new covert straight is coming or it's here And don't panic. That's what people tell you. No need to panic on this one. All viruses do mutate in this one. Is, um In this case. It's 23 articles I said, said Yes, but there's no need to get, you know, freaked out by it. It's all viruses, eventually, sort of. Keep changing, and this one has changed as well. Here comes the fourth wave. Kournikova 19, Can it be prevented, did not likely says of Fred Hutch model, but the curve could be flattened again. So here we are. This is the we're calling this. This is the fourth wave of covert The first one started in March or February, and then it died down. We flatten the curve, but then we continued with the lockdowns. Then we loosen things up in the summer because that's what happened. The people went back outside again. And then people went inside again and then the virus doesn't go away. Just our behavior changes and then people were sick. Heard somebody epidemiologist. They don't call them waves. This is just what happens. Viruses do this, We go inside and outside the weather changes and R R effect to the virus changes as well. So, Tom, are we supposed to take cover on this fun and continue to keep everything closed down for the for the fourth wave? What can we do? So the suggestion here is that for a lot of people, including the scientist before this new variant, it came up that they thought that by this spring, and by the beginning of summer, we would probably have this thing licked, but now they realized that with this fourth variant That we're not going to be out of the woods that early. So right now, the big races between this variant and the vaccine that they'll beam or pressure if there isn't already enough pressure on to get the vaccine out, If the faster we get the vaccine out, the less Chance. This fourth. Very this variant in this fourth wave has of taking hold the idea anyway. So what they say is that right now, because I think people are obviously it's it's going to be over a year. Since they've been doing this. They're getting impatient. This is not the time to relent. This is the time to wear the mask, even between sips of coffee. I think, John no, they say that the person but they do say that keeping social distance and wearing a mask for you know, X. Still a goodly while is the way to go because we're not going to reach that herd immunity business till late. There's also some concern. The South African thing sounds terrible that that vary. It hasn't hit the United States much at all. But the UK very they think by my next month is going to be the dominant Varian and it's It's like twice as, um Twice is infectious. But the vaccine seems to work pretty well with it. So they think that can we can have a handle on that, perhaps as long as people don't change their behavior. It's the South African ones a little concerning they just stopped. The AstraZeneca stuff cause had no effect on the South African variance. But that's that's not the first wave of variant that we're concerned about. The UK was the first one The I H m D right. That's the theme of the folks that came out of these the ones that were supported by the Gates Foundation. That's where they get their money from Andre were the ones that came out early and really shot for the stars and made giant predictions of Death everywhere and then they kept kind of toning it back. But they say, by June, you're looking at sticks they going to say 630,000 deaths. Um, that's their projection. June 1st. That's what they Jonathan. You earthy H. M. Yeah, I know. I think you do You want to discredit the ihe Me? But when we first heard that the first projections where something like between 60 and 240,000, and that's when we only have like 10,000, That's ridiculous. And now that's dwarfed if only we were that successful. So they're projections have been Go ahead. Yeah, I don't read that. The nation which I did subscribe to it. It's funny. They give you one article Jacob at the nation, which is a big social socialist paper, and then they make you pay. I'm like, All right, You know what? Screw you people. I'll share capitalism works, so I paid They do a nasty piece. I mean, they repped the I H M Eve and other epidemiologists and research labs, speaking off the record at the nation because they say the Gates Foundation has so much power and they call it the Bill chill. That if you do something, and Bill Gates doesn't like it, you receive the thing on as the bill. Chill. So they say that the power of the I H m E with the Gates Foundation behind it. Is just a force to be reckoned with. And that's the one that gets the news. That's the one that gets out there. They're the ones with the predictions. They get the money. They get the research. It was $2.95 well spent at the nation. Hopefully they put that money to good use to see how the bill the bill chill had never heard that before. And you heard of anything. Did you know that the Gates Foundation is behind the HIV, Tom? I don't know if I ever read when I I've never heard of the eye jammy before this pandemic business, So I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd read it in the first Seattle Times article when they profiled it. Beyond that. I don't know that the numbers are inaccurate. The knock that you always had against it was that they were inflated will now they don't look inflated. Oh, yeah, there we could catch up. The theory behind the theory behind the way that I h m E doesn't and other there other modeling there a lot of other modeling systems. What they claim they do is they just take whatever data they have, and then it's adjusted each on a daily basis. But yeah, there are. There are other ways to do models. I don't have any preference for one model over the other, a Tous point. It has a local connection would be on that. You know, If there's some other modeling system that you prefer, or the nation prefers, I'd be happy to look at the at them as well. Like the Great Barrington. I like what they do. I like the way those scientists looked at it, and I like him in Tokyo did with no lockdowns, Although they do clothes, the restaurants there eight o'clock at night, and they say people are pretty good about it. And here's crazy thing that they've done their They've said Okay. Yes, we're gonna close the restaurants down at eight o'clock at night, but to make up for it, we're going to give every restaurant $600. Do you mean period or a day or a day? $600 a day. Yeah. Okay? And is that approximate how much money they make? In a what? In a six hour shift from 62, or I don't like this deal. I guess every time they would close it down, they said, Okay, we'll do for you was will give you money because we're forcing you to close your best and stayed eight o'clock. We know you probably had a lot more money. After eight o'clock, So here's $600 for the restaurant, So that's sort of like what the P P P thing is. The government gives these businesses money to help try to keep them afloat while they're being shut down. I don't know if $16 is more or less than what we would give. But Yeah, well, the P p p. Yes..

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