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Personal it would seem and unique to the table she wondered i wondered if he would do that here with a war movie that as oppose on the surface we knew one thing that stood out about it it's ultimately the tale of an evacuation the british and the french army's pindown surrounded they've been pushed back to the beaches there in dunkirk they can almost see home they can almost see england there that close but they're facing almost certain death and this is the tale of how most of the men on that beach did survive josh do you feel like you got something different out of the war picture here i got an absolutely different experience out of this as a war picture i'll i'll get to that what i mean by that first off i'm gonna say that i'm probably going to overrate dunkirk for a couple of reasons the first is what you mentioned we just sought zoa i'm on a bit of a high rank coming out of the theater um is second lee is that in many ways this is a direct answer it feels like to some of my issues with interstellar a movie that i was mixed on i mean you know we split on and on the show so the people seem to think that i'd inactivity like it because i really london you're a much bigger fan and the thing that held me back was what i felt was extraneous explication there's no there's no lot of all nations here that there are no dial that's what i mean like it's almost like the fire extreme and yes whether you liked it or not.

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