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Adults contested bed times notwithstanding children are buffeted by the currents of a large world they often do not understand a book without fear is an unbelievable book sounding a dull note that soon fades i mean it does make a lot of sense anything about other authors like maurice sendak or role doll even dr seuss i mean they were all kind of keyed into that idea you know that not having to pretend the world is this completely safe and happy all the time place when when they were writing for kids and actually even that oh me owner that we talked about earlier the one who helped convince silver two tries hand at kids writing he was famous in france for his own unsettling children's fiction i'm actually glad you brought them up again because under was also a big inspiration behind maurice sendak work and he doesn't get nearly as much credit as he should also speaking of sendak did did you know that he and silverstein shared the same longtime editor oh wow that yeah the woman ursula nordstrom you mentioned she worked with both of them for decades which makes sense because apparently herself stated mission was to publish quote good books for bad children now i love that well given that now seems like a good time to talk about the controversy silverstone's writing is kicked up over the years as as well as his legacy in general that sounds great but i i do want to read another quick poem from sidewalk because it really goes a long way towards explaining how silverstein approach writing for children it's called the land of happy and it goes quote have you been to the land of happy where everyone's happy all day where they joking they sing the happiest things in everyone's jolly enga there's no one unhappy and happy there's laughter and smiles galore i have been to the land of happy what a bore i can't argue with that all right well we do wanna talk about that controversy but before we get to that let's take one more quick break hey there so i've been wearing glasses since i was in fifth grade and i used to hate them i felt bad because they were super expensive they never looked cool and then i do everything i could not to wear them but now glasses are so stylish and everyone excessive is with them and we'll be parker has changed experience completely they basically cut out the middleman to provide super fashionable eyewear at a fraction of the price i mean prescription glasses started just ninety five dollars includes frames lenses coatings and the process is genius you pick.

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