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After five sold baths in a night in three hundred twenty degree oven this aluminum chair is three times stronger than steel it's the ultimate is sustainability and kind of the opposite of planned obsolescence many of the designers who work with emiko wanna see this elaborate process and make the trip out to pennsylvania to meet the workers like the famous industrial designer philippe starck whose visit was filmed by greg i was obliged to meet you because like artist you make a sculpture and the and you re you reproduce this could show every day by android and by zander and that it's it's a beauty that's why you're when you see you chair you see love according to greg when designers visit the factory they come away with a deeper appreciation of the workers and the value of the chair beyond its shape when i take an architect through emiko the one thing that they always say is you should charge more for this chair a lot of architects must have a pretty big chair budget because emiko chairs are not an expensive a new teno six navy chair we'll set you back about five hundred fifty dollars but you can get an amoco alike chair for a lot less there are several websites that have listings from vendors of fakes counterfeit chairs that's madsen bookbinder greg's wife she does press for the company but she also has this ritual where she wakes up every morning and scours the number of e commerce sites for fakes and those sites are house and ebay amazon and ali baba.

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