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And they have They have devante from the 2022 class. A Z, uh, the defensive tackle. The coup. But obviously you need more immediate see as far as that's concerned, so I am curious to see mean We're a little late in the game. Go out and get a guy like that. But to me that would because I feel like they've got so many defensive end. They have a lot of defensive tackles and your prototypical nose tackle. But get you know, at the same time if they don't have that, considering that Mike McDonald stop developing multiple and it seems like they are being very multiple. That you know you could. You know, you could see probably a shift to the 34 a little bit more down the road. Maybe they kind of keep the status quo a little bit more as far as You know, personnel's kind of dictates that that's what they would do. So I'm curious to see how that ends up working this year. Because you don't have to necessarily say all right. We're going to a 34 specifically, especially considering they've said, like we want to do. You know, 34 we want to do for three. We want to do multiple different things. That you know, you don't necessarily have to say. Yep. We're just going to go with this one particular type of scheme and we're sticking with it right now, because the personnel doesn't seem to dictate that That would be the best way to go with the moment. No, You're right. I said, I mean, look, they are gonna be they did say Mike McDonald did say we're gonna be multi facets. So you're right. But I think where we're getting That that information from his. He's comfortable with the 43. That's what they ran at the Ravens and like we said, the linebackers are like you said. The line back is a very important to that defense. So they're gonna They're gonna want some of these linebackers, maybe a barrette. Somebody's got to step up and do and and make things happen so Josh Ross or Michael Barrett or something like that, but idea. I gotta ask you. I mean, okay, um That's a linebacker's number, Not number 10 number number nine other titans I'm okay with that number eight are the corners that kind of alarms me a little bit. And then you got you got you got special teams that number six. I mean, special teams that number six. What I mean. I know that I know that Quint Nordine is gone as is well heart, but Jake Moody and and bread Robbins. I mean, it's their show now, right? So is that what you're giving them the because they're upperclassmen? I'm giving it to them because even though we've seen Jake Moody has some struggles in the last year and a half or so. We've seen him be consistent at some point in time, and I just kind of feel like it. Maybe it's the opposite of the jazz rocks question here where I'm like we've seen and be consistent, but Not necessarily lately. Maybe I'm giving more benefit of the doubt to Jake Moody in that light because I feel like You know when I look at like the Minnesota game you missed missed a few. But he wasn't really expected to be the guy that you know. Like Quinn or Dean and warmed up. He wasn't able to go because of injury. So it was one of those things where I think maybe he was kind of caught off guard. I think it'll be a little bit different now that he's not splitting reps and competition that he'll he'll be the guy, you know. So That's one half of the equation and the other half is Brad Robbins, whose bed really fantastic. For the most part in his entire career. Hey, supplanted will heart twice And you know Well, hard obviously had a really good 2018 was one of the best players in the country. What kind of reverted back to what? He was in 2017 Sorry. Be landed on me. I'm sitting outside here. Um, but, uh But in 2020 17, you know, he got the planted and weak Ford and Brad Robinson. Look back with him. He had that injury in 2018 that kept him out for the entire year. And then you You solved once he was back, Finally 2020 and everything like that. It just It seemed like that Brad Robin's re cemented himself is that main dude? So I have no kind of note question about his bonus fetus in that light. So I'm curious to see Jake Moody is able to step his game up. Now there's not splitting time that he's getting all the reps and all of that kind of stuff. Not to mention just in general like Didn't even factor in, like, kick returning because I feel like even without Giles Jackson. They have so many really good options. Even if we haven't seen them, you know, kind of like going into 2018. You knew they had an MRI Thomas back there. And you felt good about it. I think that no matter if they put you know Blake, Oh, Roman, Roman Wilson or AJ, Heading whoever they go with as a kicker, punt returner. You feel like they've got a lot of elusive options that could Really helped them out. Otherwise, I mean, it's a question mark in general, and I know I write them, you know, like they're kind of in the middle, but at the same time No. The reason why it's a question Mark, you know, and on a yearly basis in general is because you're going to plug in a lot of freshman types into Ah, lot of the just kind of gunners and you know that those types of Guys that are on special teams is not just kicking and punching, and it always seems like they're pretty much ready to go. It's it's been a general strength like Yeah, it's had its moments where it hasn't been great. For the most part, special teams is gonna general strength for for Michigan. Whether it was Chris Parker Jam J. Harba, overseeing the position or even last year wasn't quite a full school on strength. There were moments where it wasn't great, but it was probably still out of three units Offense defense special teams. Saltines with easily the best of the three consistently throughout the year last year, so I kind of just feel like it's Ah, it's a group that is Probably going to continue to look pretty good for the most part, and you know that, obviously losing some some guys that have been, you know, on teams for a while. Guys that have been a part of it pretty regularly like Ben Mason or Adam Shipley Adam the key under Reynolds. All those guys have moved on, but it's kind of a plug and play situation. I feel like they'll be fine there. Yeah. Impressive concentration with the bee buzzing the tower there yet, miss a beat, You know, with talking about everything. I like that..

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