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Mostly cloudy becoming windy and cold by daybreak, lows in the 20s and 30s for most of the region. We're at 40 straight up in our nation's capital right now. It is the morning to you, thanks for taking us along for your early one AMO ride. Topping the local stories we're looking at for you is we head into this day together, we begin with the story of a former Hogan administration official failing to show up for his criminal trial Monday in federal court. Now this morning there's a warrant out for his arrest at his own attorney says he's puzzled. Roy McGrath, who had been chief of staff for former governor Larry Hogan, was due in federal court in Baltimore on charges of wire fraud, falsifying documents and theft after he failed to show up, the judge ordered a delay, saying that perhaps there had been a mix up. But when McGrath was still out of touch by 11 a.m., the jurors were sent home for the day, McGrath's attorney, Joseph Martha told Maryland matters, McGrath had always been responsive to texts and emails in the past as a condition of his release before trial, McGrath had been ordered to surrender his passport, the charges against him, stem from his payout from a state related nonprofit corporation. Kate Ryan, WTO P news. Errol zoo governor working on accelerating the state's commitment to improve the air quality, westmore is returning the state's timeline to its initial more aggressive plan that's in line out west with California. Governor westmore is returning Maryland in step with California's vehicle emissions goals, requiring that by 2027, 43% of new vehicles sold be zero emissions, and all new cars be zero emissions by 2035, which got a unanimous vote from the state's air quality control advisory council. By ramping up electric vehicle sales, we can move and move fast to reduce greenhouse gases State Republicans are not happy with the revised plan, introducing a bill to study how it will affect Maryland's economy and power grid. Minority leader Jason buckle issued a statement saying in part of the policy quote, it's based on California's economy, California's transportation needs and California's electrical grid. One O 6 on your Tuesday morning, Montgomery county public schools has planning to offer AP a freaking American studies next year. And superintendent monifa mcknight tells WTO P this week, she's a big proponent of the course being offered in local schools. For students to make a connection to who they are today and what they need to do in the future. They have to first be able to understand their history and understand their history from a very honest place and perspective. Superintendent monifa mcknight says the AP African American studies course should help students do just that. So that they can better understand the opportunities that are before them. And just to get to know who they are and how they see themselves in history. Montgomery county is expected to pilot the course at ten high school starting in the fall, some Northern Virginia high schools are also planning to offer the course, though it's curriculum is under review by the state, critics say the course has a political agenda, Scott gelman, WTO news. Fairfax county schools getting rid of a controversial test question and a college level social studies class. It's multiple choice and ask students to equate liberals and conservatives with particular categories of people, potential answers for liberals include young white males and middle aged urban lesbians. Answers for conservative include apparently southern male migrant laborer and Catholic Midwestern middle aged male. Now, according to fairfax county apparent there, parent of three students, in fact, Rory Cooper says this morning, the test concerned him, and he wants to see the full test for itself. So parents could see exactly the type of lessons that our students are learning. I believe sunlight is the best disinfectant. Critics say this morning, the online AP government class is indicative of a liberal bias to assign ideologies to specific demographics. Stay tuned. Good morning. Welcome in one O 8 on WTO peak ledger. Michael and sons, peting tune up for only $59. Michael. Are they good weather all the 8s and when it breaks? Good morning to rich hunter with us in the WTO traffic center. Hi, good morning, dean new crash in Maryland, southbound Baltimore, Washington Parkway right in the interchange at one 97 in Laurel to crash involving a couple of vehicles with response sensing they've got the left lane block for now to get by single file to the right. It may stop traffic and try to move everything over to the wider right shoulder, so be prepared for now just a brief but abrupt slowdown getting past one 97 as a result of the crash. And I want you to clear it, better headed south toward the beltway, norf found inside of the Parkway where it's Maryland two 95 up near the interchange for I one 95 the extra for BWI thurgood Marshall, there you can buy the work zone single files right as of late the laser have been brief. Still working 95 south pennies you had south of I one 95 headed down toward the patapsco wherever two left lanes get you by the work zone 70 eastbound approaching the Baltimore beltway single far left past the work there. Now in Virginia, southbound 95 south of one 23, the crash that wasn't work since been cleared, but it is still slow, getting through the works and where the right land is free closed, but again once you're past the work so nothing else in your way down toward Fredericksburg pace is actually pretty good at this hour 95 north, no worries between Fredericksburg and the beltway in Springfield rich hunter WTO traffic. Storm team four and weather alert as we have a wind advisory in effect for the area on Tuesday. It's really starting Tuesday afternoon, but the winds will be gusty. Right on through the morning hours into the afternoon

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