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So you can get the dream job to work like no one else to live like no one else to give yourself away. This is the ken coleman show. I'm kin your coach counselor in cheerleader. All in one phone call triple eight is not the number joe i just you know i just did there so i'm ramsey solutions. The ramsey show formerly the dave ramsey show second largest radio show in the country. I hosted it for three hours yesterday. And i went into that phone number by the way joe on yesterday show. I've done this about five times in five years. I'm hosting the ramsey show. Hello used to be the dave ramsey. Show my mentor. legend icon. And so i'm in the rhythm and You know take a call. John bologna with me. My my co host and for sally and I i go of the. Ken coleman show the ramsey show. So i've got these numbers going around. And i can go from eight. Four four seven four seven two five seven seven triple eight eight to five five thousand five just like that. I don't even know what show him on. I don't even know where i am. So there you go sorry for the confusion and by the way this is another example of how i do have. Adhd one little slight distraction. And i'm on rabbit trail anyway. The phone number to jump in his eight four seven four seven two five seven seven. But you need to be listening to the rabies. Show every day as well I'm on there once a week. Usually a co host as we talk about your life and money over there as well all right. Let's get to san bernardino california. Where ashley joins us ashley. You're on the ken. Coleman show having you bet ashleigh what's up me.

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