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The latest weather for the few four fear area as more sunshine stays with us throughout the day today fighting but you're reading stay the bit ideas subtly wednesday meanwhile stateabout five to fifteen four tonight we can expect partly cloudy skies with an isolated shower storms possible flow of sixty one that was him sunshine wednesday size reach back in the bay thithis fell back in the mid 60s with isis storms wednesday night by the south dakota state lottery weather i weather center i fall probably at the dais cases right now eight male news on central south dakota's news leader twelve forty casey cr good afternoon four kc see our news this is dt meyer reporting the pierce who the commissioners have a busy agenda for tonight's commission meeting among other things the commission is expected to give first reading to the proposed 2018 electrical rate as well as consider the proposed changes in the city these please schedule commissioners also will be asked to allow the discharge fireworks at hyde stadium as part of rigs high school homecoming activities that is next week as the cubs will be taking on brookings next friday of 20second winding start at five thirty in the commission room the pierre city hall the public is invited to to attend the walk percy each site north afford pier on highway 18 or six has seen some renovations in the past few days us attorney randy shuyler said the effort to renovate the grounds has been going on for a while and it took a combined effort by the city of fort pierre and the cheyenne river sioux tribe a variety thing but my first and foremost the overall celebration of a pair pera bicentennial in cooperation the report here an cheyenne river tribe have been in contact about what earth two two great so it's better in effect a.

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