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We happy about today Hashtag. Speaking out still being talked about in wrestling, the NWEA's parted ways with David Laguna after allegations sexual assault jet Gallaher has been released by WWe. Jimmy Havoc is going to rehab a W released a statement saying they will evaluate Jimmy, havoc, status with the company as he undergoes treatment, following allegations of rape and Assault Matt Riddle did appear on Friday night smackdown. He's been accused of a sexual abuse, and through his lawyer riddle and his wife deny the allegations and claimed that the accuser has been stalking the family I'm Jim. Cornet says he address the allegations. Allegations against him on his podcast and I'm sure there will be more unfolding in the days and weeks to come. There's just nothing new overnight and obviously yesterday with Brian we talked about it condemned the behavior, and said that wrestling needs to do better, but I don't know how much there's new to add today because a lot of this, we. We talked about yesterday, so if you have something to add. Certainly, you can at one, eight, hundred, eight, seventy, play, one, eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight, seven, five, two nine, or you can tweet me at Jim Valley, and certainly we can talk about it, but like I said I think without any new information overnight I'm not sure what else there is to say other than what we've covered. You know it's. It's not the nineteen eighties anymore, and it's not the nineteen ninety. I W wait. midsouth ran a show Friday night. Packed House run.

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