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Might like a bad tool stating what to tell this is mark Webber N. size cold outside and I don't like the cold rest I miss I miss the warmth and the seven for thing world when we have to live in the cold I don't like it but with our side will cold has many different meanings and that's what we're talking tonight on always in fashion but speaking about cold my co host here the wise guy who seems to think dark and depressed rather than loving the cold weather spent the week in the cold six o'clock in the morning waiting to get into the Harvey wanting steam trial and he was first row center behind Harvey once thing during the whole first week of the trial Hey how much fun was the cold that day Jesse all right you got me there and it was five thirty in the morning I was lining up to be a member of the media to be in that courtroom it was for rigid you wear gloves what a not work the the Cold goes into my fingertips into my toes I can't the only thing I'm standing out there for what two hours my legs cramp up it was brutal why am I wrong complaining about this well not everybody stand outside to meet Harvey what it's the unit eight in the morning you're going back in court this week I'm gonna be back in court for all the big moments opening statements big witnesses testifying it's the place the bay all right being that you're so connected let's keep the.

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