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It's time for the good news a service dog named ellie surprised her owners and some other travelers at the tampa airport by giving birth to eight puppies for gay yeah she's a two year old golden retriever she was set to board a flight with her owners when she suddenly went into labor paramedics were called over to help look over bystanders were there to help us this one nurse in the crowd was actually able to help elliot deliver five of the puppies before she had to go catch her flight like this whole thing where you know you're just telling airport and then all of a sudden eight puppies come into this world the pregnant dog into the airport well it's going to take a flight with the owners like the the dog was service dog so is gonna take a fight she went into early labor wonder if i don't know dot rules dogs of people pregnant woman you'll get on the flight a few months i'm glad that everybody's healthy though all the puppies they did it's a good story that was telling me something good your buddy miss the bob transmitting erica this is about right you see my instagram together get the tattoo on his arm the i did that's pretty crazy i mean he stood up took a picture of you to tattoo artist it's mobile cover yeah oh that's what it is that's the picture okay well either way is yeah definitely you definitely you on his forearm really big big really big it's the whole forearm it's big yeah and eric he's on right now.

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