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Your host rich Ackerman. All right. One quarter of the books in some locales. One quarter has just finished in Miami. With the dolphin defence turning through in a big way. Let's go to Jack on priest her for that. Hey, rich, get ready for the start of the second quarter. We're scoreless in Miami. On the first two possessions. They went three and out on their earth production. They began to move the ball and they were on getting into dolphin territory when Sam darnold to his first interception late afternoon. Kick pick off returned. He returned the interception. Fourteen yards and at the end of the play Brandon shell offensive lineman personal foul. He was out of bounds and sell just leveled them I mean, laid him out cold on the jets sideline out of the fifteen guidelines in the dolphins. Now have a first and ten at the New York Jets twenty six for the game Donald four or five for forty one yards with that one interception. Osweiler four seven for forty six yards. He's been sacked one time on the ground. Miami Dade carries for twenty six yards to jets five carries for just fifteen yards. Again. The dolphins are the first and ten at the jets twenty six and we are scoreless. As we start the second quarter, Jack we talk so much in the pre-game about the field. It doesn't look like it's been a factor at all. No, not at all. I mean you've seen the runners to make their cuts and the receivers on on some of the plays grabby. Anderson ran like, a, you know, an and around, and nobody seems to be having any trouble with the footing at least for now. Darnold. Did look pretty sharp up until that interceptions. He completed his first four passes. How bad that look on it looks as if he was right as if Kiko Alonzo was the intended receiver actually where we're sitting in the box. I said that a guy is going to be picked off because he was just you could see where he was looking and there were three dolphins defenders one receiver and he threw the ball and dolphin defender. Almost ran into a Lonzo, you know, which could have you know, maybe causing the drop the ball. But yeah, it was ill advised throw at that point. And then you know, you had you had done this on top of stupidity by the by the offensive line. And when he clocks the guy out of bounds which in any event the dolphins if they don't get any engine or at least try try field goal because of that turnover Jack, we will check back shortly. Thank you for checking in Jack arm, pre-start, Miami, Miami and the jets scoreless right now. The Steelers have jumped in front of the ravens says they continue to move on without levian bell. James CONNER has been that good. Let's check it with Craig heist. Good. He's good. It again today so far forty four carries for forty yards and a couple of receptions out of the backfield. Three in fact for seventeen and Steelers with a seven three lead over the ravens one quarter in the books here at Mt. Bank stadium, and they got it because Ben Rothlisberger found James partner coming out of the backfield for a seven yard TD reception. And that's given them the lean as Iran rattle off his numbers. Connor right now Rattlers burger seminar. Eleven for sixty three yards the Justin Tucker twenty three yard field goal gave the ravens the lean. But that was until the second possession of team for the Steelers who went nine plays and sixty yards and got the touchdown to seven three Steelers have the lead rich here we start the second quarter. Craig Rothlisberger is look pretty good right now. But Joe flacco on the other side four of his first nine for sixty seven yards. What's been the story there? I think he's gotten a little bit better protection. As we talked about in the pre game there. Going to have to do that. If he's gonna be me, you know, allowing this allowing this offense to put some points on the board today, but just gonna have to keep up with that. I don't think they're going to get it out of the running game. Although Alex Tomlin's does have five carries for twenty five yards. They have used Jackson a little bit at quarterback for a couple of plays. But that's basically just a setup either him running or Collins running. So we'll see where it goes from here. But so far so good for flacco in terms of the production standpoint. Thank you, Craig. Let's head to gene Battaglia right now the bears on the board against the bills with more on that here's Jeanne Battaglia Jordan Howard with a one yard touchdown run. Extra point is often. Good. So it's the bears leading here. Seven to nothing short field. Chicago hat on that last drive. The drive only six plays thirty seven yards. The key play on the drive Thurn. Fifteen open the second quarter of the buffalo, forty two. Mitchell Trubisky over the middle finding is tied and Trey Burton for twenty six to Bisky actually had a scramble that cured. He had gone in. But they will them down one. And then so it was Jordan Howard the following play taking it in Chicago on bears. Third drive today Nate Peterman so far three fifty three or five or fifteen yards. The bills offense stagnant. The least thirteen o four remaining here in the second. It's the bears seven and bills nothing. Just looking at the numbers genius. It just looks very putrid right now. I don't know if if you go more than putrid Nathan Peterman, I three completions averaging five yards a completion and Leshan McCoy three carries no yard so far. Has it just been the bears defense? Or is it you know, what can walk in the bills do here offensively to get going. I think just the game plan here is they're not letting chairman try anything of those attempts. Nothing has been more than ten yards rich. So. Just try to have the defense hold Chicago ear, and then maybe you catch a break or two. But you're correct Chicago is keying in on the Sean McCoy McCoy did have one reception. What she got away for about eight yards on that that converted a third down. But other than that the bills offense has done nothing today. Thank you, gene. Let's go to Erin Oester where the Redskins have the ball trailing. At the start of the second quarter to the falcons. Here's aaron. Yeah. I just had the Redskins had the ball. But they had the ball because Quinton Dunbar is miss the past two games due to injury came back in. And he intercepted. Matt Ryan is their balconies. We're trying to drive down into the red zone. He returned it out to the thirty Redskins. Have it just shy of midfield right now. Earlier in the day. Matt Ryan found ten colon for eight thirty nine yard touchdown Ryan for thirteen hundred five yards a touchdown and an interception. Alex Smith on the other side four for seven for thirty three yards. And the story right now for the Redskins offense is just the decimation of the offensive line. Trent Williams came into this game. He was out and Morgan Moses and Sean Lavalle both have had injuries and have not returned yet and the Redskins on their last offensive lineman. If anybody else goes down, they have no one else to replace them. So we're starting the second quarter here. Fourteen twenty left in the second quarter. The falcons fleets have nothing. Thank you very much. Aaron let's go right now to Kevin Casey in Charlotte where the Panthers have extended their lead over the buccaneers this one could get out of hand. And pretty quickly. Let's get more from Kevin. Hey, yes. And no risk. But Tampa Bay has it first and ten inside the fifteen of Carolina and they've been moving the ball up the field. It looks like they're gonna have it a second and one from the four yard line of Carolina. Ryan Fitzpatrick six of ten so far forty four yards passing an interception. Eric Reed picked it off ran thirty nine yards down to the ten. Alex takes it in for Carolina then last series Christian McCaffrey three yard touchdown run. But brand Patrika not getting rattled. They were aided by you know, he's been having time. He did get hit by Vernon Butler. Roughing the passer helped him on this current drive and the buccaneers now threatening. They're looking at second and one from the looks like the Carolina like four yard line. Or so is Fitzpatrick rolls out has a man open. And he's going to get in for the score. Right. Patrick more yard touchdown pass the OJ Howard's make it fourteen to six with an extra point coming here. Rich fourteen fifteen second quarter. Jay Howard who had slipped in the draft. But is having an outstanding season. So far gets the buccaneers on the board. Kevin, you know, we talked in the game about or at least you had mentioned about DJ more Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel being so similar. It certainly seems as if they have played similar roles so far today DJ more with one carry for thirty two yards McCaffrey with a thirty two yard reception. How those guys being being used so far today you'd have to think Norville Turner, the offensive coordinator is going to use these these players to his advantage. Carolina has been going with that mentality. General manager Marty Harney over the years has been going for more of the speed guys these interchangeable slot receiver running back types. And so far they've been all getting touches. Cam Newton running the ball a couple of times he's hit. Of course, Samuels dropped one ball. But I think doorbell Turner and Ron Rivera using these guys very effectively so far, but still it's still close and you don't want to let a team like Tampa hang around because. They get in the fourth quarter. Anything could happen. Well, we saw how dangerous they could be week one in New Orleans. We haven't seen that since though. Unfortunately, let's go to Minnesota right now the lines d coming up with the big play just a couple of moments ago. Here's Eric Nelson. With more rich Kirk cousins tried to squeeze wanted to double coverage. Sleigh said, no way and the six year veteran of Mississippi. And we lost Eric Nelson. We'll get back to him just a couple of moments. But in the meantime, let's go to Darryl writer in Cleveland, where it's been a tough start here today for the Browns against the best team in the AFC and the chiefs Daryl this one going is expected both Cleveland kids are in the end zone already cream. Of course, got the party started with a fifty yard catch and run for a touchdown. Travis. Kelsey, the outstanding tight end from Cleveland heights high school. He just caught in a lot of yard touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes who now has an NFL best twenty eight TD's on the season. It's fourteen thirty chiefs the three courtesy of a Greg Joseph fifty one yard field goal. But this one is all Kansas City. They've outgained the Browns won seventy five eighty one thirteen thirty to go first half fourteen preachy, Sarah how much has the chiefs speed benefactor so far today. It certainly looked at on dream hunts. Touchdown speed plus missed tackles, plus Denzel ward and EJ Gaines banged up. Really means lots of. Lots of yards for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Browns are finding themselves chasing, the put it in perspective. Chase ran a simple a screen pass on a third in nineteen got twenty five yards. Right. Well, it's tough start for Greg Williams as interim coach with the Browns trailing the chiefs today by score a fourteen to three and the chiefs once again their offense often running Patrick Mahomes. Six eight one hundred twenty yards already with two touchdowns on the day. The one I one going to Kareem hunt who did most of the work on that one for fifty yards and Travis Kelsey most recently from eleven yards out. We've reconnected with Eric Nelson in Minnesota. Let's go there and check in with Eric Eric rich moments ago, Kirk cousins, tried to squeeze one in a double coverage. But Gary Slade said no way and the six year veteran out of Mississippi State the interception returned it down to the forty four yard line of the Vikings. Not alliances it to the thirty seven four seven to three in favor of Minnesota at nine fifty two dollars in the second quarter. The. Only biking score of the day latavius Murray. A one yard touchdown run that kept up a nine play sixty five yard drive. Meanwhile, Detroit has a thirty five yard you'll go from that freighter. That's been fifteen. That's off Eric, unfortunately, so over to on that one, but we will get back to Eric momentarily. Seven to three is the score in. Mt. Bank stadium right now, I should say US Bank stadium. The Vikings lead the lions as Matthew Stafford trying to rally Detroit he seven for eleven so far Fifty-seven yards. Kirk cousins just picked off a couple of moments ago. Seven for his first nine for sixty seven yards. Latavius murray. Does have the one yard plunge but just three carry so far twelve yards of big staff? Though right now is the fact that the Vikings with their great run defense of held the Garrett blunt nine yards in the early going. So not much doing for the lions on the ground. So far it'll be Matthew Stafford going through the air and on a big third and one just a couple of moments ago the Vikings defense stopping the lions though. So as I say, they are good against the run. They come up with big run defense right there. And it looks like it's going to be a fourth down. And they're going to have to bring on the field goal unit for what would be I guess a fifty two yarder. So certainly in the range for that Prater was a field goal or ready for the lions on the day from thirty five yards out. So he's got one from. Thirty five. Now, he's going to have to attempt one from about fifty two. So the Steelers and ravens underway. Second quarter about three minutes in there. And the Steelers getting their touchdown from James actually, they're not gonna go for the field goal. Lines are going to go for it on fourth down here as a Matthew Stafford on the run, and he's going to pick up the first down as he faked the past very nicely that bottom a couple of yards to to work with.

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