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After the U. S. Women's national team has fought so long for equal pay, and now the men are saying no, they deserve even more. Then we do as a yellow card has been issued to Cairo and Mustafa. As Tristan Hodge is down on the field. I didn't see what happened. It was off our camera. Of course, we are at the mercy of camera one as we are. Every week that were in studio. We did not see why Tristan Hodge went down, but we know whatever it was, it was enough to earn a yellow card for Cairo All Mustafa. Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what happened there. Brendan Burke in consultation with his team. We might get a bit of a look at it here. Tristan Hodge with the ball. Since that one down the line didn't seem to be too much in that challenge. But as you said referee's whistle went second. Yellow card that we've seen. Alina being more self it just as you wanted to do. That's a terrific save honestly from German, Florida. And then Back for just Skying that shot up over the barb. So that was the That entire sequence was the foul and the yellow card that went to all Mustafa. Was, uh Was an advantage that was played by the referee that led to that shot from Michi, Galina. So diverse is health, yellow card, mental health and well being, for all goes against Cairo. All. Mustafa, who on cue has possession plays it back across the midfield. Now it's tapped away by the switchbacks. Loud and trying to gain possession. Mm cannot as Andre Lewis swipes it. Louis dribbling around in a circle now working his way to the far sideline gets tripped up and now will be a foul going up against Garai. Lead to a free kick. 42 18 and counting. No score between loud and united and Colorado Springs switchbacks FC Andre Lewis has been fantastic. So far this evening in Leesburg, Virginia. He's played more than a couple passes that it really split the defense of loud and united. He's been buzzing around. He's been winning balls back for the switchbacks. Andre Lewis has been just tremendous so far this evening. Joint chiropractic free kick. We've got your back. It will be on the far side of the field favors the left foot of Jose Torres. Speaking of the U. S men's national team. Torres. Sends it in a lot of air underneath the head away by Loudon. But it goes right to to shame, Beckford. Back firm plays it back towards midfield for Tristan Hodge. Hodge pushes forward Hajj with green in front of them up to Haji Barry. Barry sidesteps the defender couldn't get past the last one. And a whistle will go against Barry as his momentum carried him into the loud and defender and he's whistled for the foul. Barry being the upstanding gentleman he is trying to help. Man up, but that's uh Against kind of the rules of engagement and the captain. Four, loud and united in no uncertain terms, Timmy Mel told Haji Barry to, uh Kindly leave. You use different words, please, sir. Gold cake here. All right. That's a free kick taken by the goalie ends up on his counterparts foot Abe Rodriguez downfield loud and united with possession, they throw it across midfield. And it'll be a foul going against Beverly marking Gila Free kick in a quick restart for loud and united along the far sideline. One minute left in the 45. We have been Given and we'll see if any additional time will be tacked on Loudon at the top of the 18. They'll play to the near side Al Mustafa with the shot that one was blocked. Here's a shot again from loud and in that one You guessed it. Too much Erin beneath it over the crossbar and out. Four switchbacks goal kick as downs has had that happen to him a few times tonight. Yeah. Once again both teams just trying to be too perfect about their finishes. Chiru. Good play initially wanted the handball thought better of it. Nicky Downs, former Yale Bulldog Sending that one toward new Haven there up and over the crossbar just way too much on that. Switchbacks with possession in the midfield circle played to the near side from itchy Galina. One on one with Pinto gets into Barry Barry back to Galina trying to get it on his feet. Why would you cut away when the switchbacks are inside the 18 Yard box camera one. All ends up going out of play. It is off of the switch packs three additional minutes because that's more important than a goal scoring opportunity. Three minutes of Tiktok shop stoppage time. Tacked on the end of the first half. Don't know where the breakdown happened for the switchbacks. That led to them, not scoring a goal, but it is still score less pass over the top. Michael Edwards. Gets fouled or else it would be highly legal. What he's doing, picking up the ball like he is plays it to his left for Jimmy Oxford. Back to Edwards heel tap it to Rodriguez. Rodriguez little chip. Matt Mahoney was trying to head it further for for Dashain back, furred ball loose and Beckford takes it away. Over to Jose Torres to the midfield circle for Bevmark in Gila. He'll play it to the near side for Michi, Galina, with Pinto on and reinforcements coming for Loudon and the reinforcement, which is Al Mustafa plays that one out over the back line corner kick coming up. This one will be a big David law firm Corner Kick McDevitt law firm. We are in your corner..

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