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And thanks for tuning in to the wednesday edition of total information am we'll take a look at the steamy hot forecast coming up here at five forty but i it's time for a whole nother story with kevin colleen and today kevin suffers an automotive setback when my car wouldn't start didn't even curse that's because in the back of my mind i was thinking hey i could work this up into a whole day off maybe i could use it as a sick day i haven't been sick the whole year i could call in and say boss yes it's me my car is sick and i'm going to have to stay home and take it easy so i called in and the boss interrupted my spiel and said you're coming in just a little late right i said yes that's right i'm just running late the insurance company guy pulled in our driveway and gave me a jump but he warned me this battery is six years old so it needs immediate replacement so i took the car over to the neighborhood mechanic but a minute and they're doing manly things with drill guns i walked home feeling a little discouraged in a necktie on a weekday morning but it was nice out i noticed the birdsong i thought not everybody is racing downtown every day to go to the office there is an entire unseen culture of people checking their mailboxes they are teenagers off school riding bikes around and retired couples taking walks with arch support inserts but i still had to get to work i still had no car and then my wife came to the rescue how good it is to be married to have a partner in automotive disaster i gave her a ride back to her work and then took her minivan downtown when i pulled in the parking garage i took the first spot i could and was glad to get back at my desk glad to be typing again i wasn't really typing sentences just making sounds so that brett bloom would think i was working he sits near me it sure is good to be back in my chair thought i open my email see what was happening and there was an email that said somebody has illegally parked a gray minivan in the rockstar parking space please move it immediately with a whole nother story i'm kevin colleen with zillow you're not just looking for a house you're looking for.

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