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It goes into saturn i will have spent my life doing this one thing and then after that it's over and that goes for many many of us on this project so it's going to be in some sense is going to be like a death you know it's it's been a huge part of my life and then it won't be there anymore but i think all also that i i mean i know that's a legacy that i'm always going to be enormously proud of and i think i'll enjoy it win i'm you know in my rocking chair you know as an old lady this thinking about what i did with my life that was caroline porco of nasa speaking to npr nadia drake i think it's one of those things that the average person who maybe doesn't work in astronomy your work for nasa it's kind of hard to wrap your brain around devoting your whole life to this one mission but there's a lot emotionally wrapped up in this for the scientists who who worked on this and for the civilians who followed their work all these years that's true and i think what i am i'm very grateful for is that there are people like that who are willing to devote their entire lives to answering questions that cassini can answer and for me as a journalist being able to follow along the mission and learn some of the stories that you know take place within the team as well as the science thickest that that cassini it is telling us his has been a great privilege and so i am very very grateful that there are people who are willing to do that and to just banging away at these questions that are really really difficult to answer and that's why we had to send a spacecraft all the way to saturn for thirteen years right this is hard my michael would like to hear more about cassini the astronomer for whom the spacecraft was named michelle follower who was cassini well cassini was an astronomer hundreds of years ago i i believe in and i'm going to ask the panel to to jump in on this as well and i i know that the famously he observe what we call the cassini division which is a gap in.

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