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It was Bush. I mean, I think it was Bush one, but when they're playing Born in the USA, which was right about that because it completely ignoring the lyrics to that song. Right right. Absolutely like the most like it's it's like more important. It's it's all about like The system fight. Yeah, there was a very funny moment when I was growing up in New Jersey. I'm from Jersey enough Springsteen. They wanted to make pork to run the official anthem of New Jersey and took the unofficial but it was like there was I remember watching this on like the local station, you know the state house but they were like somebody reading like why we shouldn't be doing why this shouldn't be the song and like reading the lyrics to like the assembly. It's like, I'm sorry. I mean I love this song but it's a baby this town rips the Bones from your back. It's a death trap. It's a single line graph. We've got to get out while we're young It's seems about somebody wanting to leave New Jersey and it's like God, would you want everybody probably listen to this song and just mumbling along till they get to the chorus leave off. Please love you at their weddings. Yeah. Oh, yeah off of breaking up the road that for Porter Wagner or she was leaving the Porter Wagoner show. It was her like wow our final goodbye to Porter Wagner. It's not even a romantic relationship, but it's actually about a friendship like a about Every Breath You Take which is about somebody stalking somebody I'm going to be whoever you're aware, That was like I was like, I guess to that in a couple of weddings it was Well, what's the song Black Velvet about can someone answer that for me? I question that you can make show things out of its cage. They don't make any sense. Every time I hear that song. I know in that little girls it was in that little bit of ice Black Velvet a slow southern style a new religion bring it to you know like that. So no, but if you please like that you made me happy that I was completely unaware of it was just like it's before Baltimore ties even but I was like you hear like an old fashioned was the song young girl. Yeah young girl ticket and the union Gary Gary pocket, but thought I saw is inappropriate on musically. Yeah, the young girl younger wrong and it's all about like a returning me on Go away You're not yet a woman but like I can't be trusted with you but there's even and I can't I'm never going to know the titles of them. But I've heard Howard talk about it off. There are some Beatles And I think even Rolling Stones like there's some like major van hits maybe even Led Zeppelin that are all about young younger. So yeah, like it's you know, what was that song that was gone the title of it. Do me Bell Biv DeVoe River you can do. Yeah. Okay, but there is a there's a part of that song that goes backstage underage adolescent. How you doing? Yeah. She was just 17 underage. How you doing off? My God, she was just 17. You know what I mean? And the way she looked was Way Beyond comparable. She's pretty young. Yeah. I was watching Chappelle's Show Marathon the other night in this commercial came on and I just I lost it laughing cuz it was like a late night commercial that was like call this number to talk to real life eighteen year old girls to talk to an eighteen-year-old girl. You never talked to an eighteen-year-old girl is like a worst experience. That's why I'm like somebody's really calling you really think some eighteen year old girls like okay. Hey what they're doing in the post office. It's off on Democratic. I'm making a quick video hang out. What do you think about this new Palestinian deal. Some girls that are off. Like yeah, black holes come in from are you wearing a mask black mask? It's a stupid. I feel like I can't breathe. It's like I'm being held back that is where the internet has done us wrong. This whole mask thing would never be a thing without the internet. Yeah or a Chrysler Campbell's that wouldn't be so much wouldn't be around with them. I saw, you know, just held Twitter like it takes no time at all. Like I won't post something on Google like if I read something on Twitter that I'm like, wow, is that for real? I'll go and look it up through. I didn't realize how rare that is for somebody to age. Like, let me see if that's actually correct and I should know when it's even from like response like friends who I think are responsible. I just want to look again because I don't want to like post some. Yeah. I know no credible news source or birth. And if you guys listen to The Daily today, no, I haven't really interesting. It's about the postal Scandal and I brought up something that I had contemplated, you know, seeing a lot of times. I'm like, I think Donald Trump is like he is dumb and he is racist and his sex life and he's all these things but he is a master manipulator and a lot of times I feel like he starts these little fires just to deter like on purpose because he knows everybody going to page them. So we started this little fire with the post office and they were talking about this on the daily today and it's not and the ultimate game is really to Georgia, even if they're you know, none of what they were doing had anything to do, you know, it's just all by coincidence that it was happening at this time. And so we're freaking out and so we spin dog Attention saying you know fighting that fight but then the all his ultimate goal is just to make Americans not trust the election by truck get us fighting back and forth about the post office is going to make it easy to say the whole thing is bulshit because there's no summer together, you know, he's been planning to see for four years. He did it even before this election off steam. So there's no scenario where he loses and and you know by popular vote I predict hopefully, you know, like me wrong that it will be worth trying it turn out but he's just doing this smoke, you know to not leave and it's really going to be it's really coming down to like who are going to be and I don't have a lot of faith in them, but who's going to like not let this happen and besides like Mitt Romney and so, you know who's going to say like, you know can't Do that and I think I'm worried. I mean like when you said about like are you going to come into this? I mean if we lose that this country has done but they could get away with that. He's getting away with everything. Oh, that's what's buried. He he manages to start like.

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