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It up? Gut it downfield. Gotta man leaping Grab. I wanna win size 10 bomb throw my Mack Jones match. Jones is gonna be the riser in this draft, Jesu O. J will and so manikins having everybody knows how I feel about my Jones going free. I've always thought that her picture was designated for guys that she thought were program. Same 40. Niners are gonna watch Lance is pro day lance absolutely can sway their decision on the number three pick. With a big performance city talking about me like I'm friends with Medic is a heavy using notes on Muse. He really is good as we're all trying to make him out of here. Yes, I think the 40 Niners are going to take trade lands. Medic is a heavy snows up until that. I just think that's a million a week from tonight. When he's sitting on the settee Cleveland we'll see if that's the pig he's analyzing. After Roger Goodell announces it to draft a week from tonight, teach, Andrzej will exude been presented by progressive insurance. All of our guests. The Goodyear hotline a half hour away from Monday night Football's Lou Riddick. The draft on ESPN and ESPN radio, which parts got will be taking part along with our Kevin Negandhi, L. Duncan and Mike Cannon down. All right, guys, this is talk to me zooming. All right, So we've been spending so much time talking about quarterbacks, but I want to go to another position Most of our time over the last few days has been spent talking about quarterbacks. With the 40 Niners. Yes, I do Want to emphasize 49 as in 49. Years ago, the Denver Broncos selected Riley Odoms. It's the highest ever selection Top five pick in 1972 highest ever selection. For a tight end in NFL draft history. How did that work out? Not sure not fully versed on his career. But the idea that probably were held hearing his name for the first time probably tells you exactly what kind of career he had. The reason I bring this up is because here we go nearly a half century later, it's Kyle pits of the University of Florida. I'm going to give you a comment here from Mel Kiper Jr on exactly how Important it is for some team to recognize this guy recognized this guy's value and the rarefied air he's living in. But just quick couple things about Kyle puts a lot of people don't realize. Number one in high school. He was a quarterback in a linebacker never played tight end. Yes, never played tight end. They're talking about him being the greatest tight end to ever enter the NFL draft and in part by disagree with that moron that right, But he was a quarterback and a linebacker in high school he played at Archbishop would just outside of Philadelphia, and he goes to Gainesville. So just keep that in mind, right. Just keep that in mind never played the position until he really got Really ingrained in the college game. Mel Kiper Jr on the type of specimen we're looking at at this position unprecedented in tight end evaluation. You go back to Kellen Winslow Sr. When I first started in this business coming on, Missouri had a tremendously high grade. Helen Winslow Jr did as well, Davis. But after all, said and done, and the grades are finally in their written in pen. Now they're etched in stone. Kyle Pitts is the highest rated tight end ever. You said yesterday. You just couldn't select him that high. If big time franchise altering quarterbacks are there, so What do you make of the fact that this guy is being talked about in this level of effusive praise, And if he is is good if he is as good as Mel and others say, how do you defend a guy like this? No, it thing is is Males grade on him is the highest grade because that's what male sees, and he understands that he's been doing it for very long time. He's great it every single tied it that's ever played in the game, right. I mean, it's just that's just room, but If I have a quarterback that is like you said franchise altering For the future. I'm not taking a damn tidy in I'm just not gonna do it, no matter how no matters because because first of all, he's only going to touch the ball. A handful of times. Quarterbacks don't touch the ball 50 times again. Just give it that number. The receiver tied receiving tied in if he's lucky We'll get Eight targets again, which you'll catch five of them. Okay on an average Is that franchise changing How pits to a team like the Miami Dolphins sitting where they're sitting makes sense because they need that position to pair with what they already have. Because he could be a force to be reckoned with. But if I'm the Atlanta Falcons And I'm looking at four. Don't take a tight in. I take a Justin field. If he's there, or Trey Lance behind that Ryan or I move out of the spot. It allows somebody else to come up. And take a shot in the swing of carpet. It's just it's not anything against How Pitts. It's more about the premise of where of drafting it and what my needs are. That's all it is. Kyle pitch could be the number one overall pick if that's what they need, but that's not what they need. Then why would you do it? Me. Sometimes we look at Kyle picks. You know you have to look at him differently, And I think Mel Kiper and Thomas Shea there looking at him, and they say, Hey, he's a tight and he does things that we've never seen before. But what he is is he's a tweener, right? We discuss this a little bit before he's a receiver. That's too big to be a legitimate receiver. He doesn't have a short area quickness to be able to get off like Toby, get past like Quick corners are elite corners, but then he's too fast for safety's. And so so, so he's got receivers skills to me. I look at Darryl Wallet. We already see his comp in the NFL already. Darrell Walla hoo, you know, start over the Baltimore Ravens was bit of a receiver. You know, you look their marriageable 66 You think about the 45 like he's only £240. So you know, he was going down and block and Justin Houston. He message he gonna get mad dog within the box. So like you already got to say that he's a receiver. So now you're gonna put teams Big sub, or you got to drive a tight end. That's gonna be your block and tight because he's not gonna be the guy that's gonna continuously set the edge. But, you know, I could remember, you know that the Antonio gates the basketball guys of the world who know Antonio, We're going black. Nobody. Tony Gonzalez. One go black. Nobody, you know, but they were just glorified receivers who are the biggest Mitch masses in the game. If you could get them open in space, But when you need him to do the dirty work, you call somebody else to do that. You put them on combo blocks used athleticism to help you get the age capture the edge. So like he's a tweener. No, um Kind of different. I'm kind of on the fence, because I think if Atlanta Has an opportunity to get him. He could be a finishing piece right because you think about what they already have. You already got hating hers. Who's a kind of a past catching type of tight end? He's a guy that could put them over the top. He's a guy today because now you got two guys. That's a tough mismatch. But that depends on what you feel about Matt Ryan. If you think that Matt Ryan got three more years left you say, Hey, I'll address the quarterback position. I'll try and go one more time to try and win a Super Bowl with Matty Ice. But if I have this, could you imagine Julio Jones? Really? You could think about hating hurts and then a guy like pits..

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