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Typically two thousand dollars they then identify needs in the community and nonprofits addressing. Those needs the students in each class. Decide where to best invest their two thousand dollars adding this philanthropy component has multiple benefits. There's the obvious benefit to the community. Our students have invested nearly one million dollars in over four hundred nonprofits but the benefits to students are striking to they become more aware of community needs and more committed to addressing them on the academic side student. Success measures are improved from learning course content to retention and graduation with over six thousand students over two decades as our sample. We are relatively certain of these results. But something disruptive is happening in higher education more and more students are attending class virtually covert nineteen accelerated this transformation and made it even more important to analyze whether philanthropy has the same benefits in an online course as when added to an in person class. I examined this question along with my colleague. Dr julie overdoing who directs encaged masters in public administration program by looking at course outcomes and student surveys. We found that the philanthropy experience outcomes were just as positive for online students as face to face students on various measures including interest in the course learning and applying course material awareness of community needs a responsibility to help others in need and a belief that they can make a difference in the world as one student explained. I have learned that working in a team for a good cause can help a lot of people. I am now more aware of organizations in my community. That are out there to help others. That was meghan downing northern kentucky university. You can find this other segments and more information about the professors at academic minute dot. Org production support for the academic. Minute comes from a and you advancing liberal learning and research for the public good..

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