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Of every person in every community. No matter the obstacles, no matter. The odds we have one life. Better. We must live United. Tommy, tucker. Wwl am getting some. Less than friendly texts about the lady, look, everybody's entitled to their opinion. Okay, about Kelly wa the advocacy communications coordinator for care to who is trying to get Mike seven released from his habitat. This would be a lot easier for me to read. If you kept the curse words out. I'm just telling you because you know, I'm afraid to read it and then slips ADA wrong word before you know, it I'm at WalMart saying, can you get you a basket. So. And that's honorable work. There's nothing wrong about that. Some of the texts that came in or at least comments that were left at this petition. One woman from Kentucky says no sentient beings should be locked in a cage for life. One from overseas said you crayton's Louisiana university. This is a tiger tiger's are loners. They must roam widened free. Caging them is torture out and out torture Judith. They of Queensland from Australia. Now, it seems to me if Tigers are loners, then why would they mind being in their own enclosure? But that's just me. Why what do y'all think to six one eight seventy bottom line? Do you think makes happy where he is and zagging LIZA tiger. Does it matter about Wanda? Good morning ended up wwl morning on. I think the Tigers happy and following. I think the people that have all the time in the world they can spend their money and Tom on foster. Children and adoption abortion clinics. Either adopt a child go to veterans home spend the day with a veteran or a live human being. It's an animal. There are people that really need advocacy. Go foster child and spend the day. With somebody that needs you not an animal. I cannot agree with you more Wanda. And I would just ask you, do you think some people just forget that it's an animal, and I know look I don't mean to be in delicate here. But it depends on what animal you're talking about. Right. I mean in some countries are best friends, the people that we think we have a personal connection with dogs to them. That's a source of food. I don't agree with that. At all. I'm just saying it goes from culture to culture to culture, and maybe we lose. India you cows are sacred. So we lose maybe track of the fact that these are animals and not really humans. Do you understand? I guess is what you're saying. Right, right. Another word that animal has taken care of in a million dollar in closer. There's a million kids in foster care throughout the we the Anna and United States that would love to have somebody just come and see them. Bringing the McDonalds meal if you got all day to protest they'll actually help alive human being and the children and the old batteries really need our help Wanda so far you get the color of the day award. And you know, what that is? Hardy insincere. Thanks. I just I love children love veterans and animals if Mike the tiger belongs to somebody if their property if they want to eat it, if they want no no way down. Now, did you say nobody wants to eat it. Clear this up. Nobody do you. Remember Tepa Terry's restaurant? Thanks. It was on barn. And again, they tell me back in the day. You could eat tiger there. If you want in every kind of exotic animal, thank you wanted to real quick. When it comes to the saints Sunday, you worried are you think they got the Browns? I'll watch the NFL anymore only watch college. All right. Thank you on dumb. Dan, is that because of the kneeling thing, I just think they've wake way too much money. And if they want to nail that's not their job to kneel Marco Rubio says he's okay with them kneeling so long as they do and is interesting based on what you just said some type of community service off the field. Would that mitigate what they do with you at all? No, they're at work stand up and do your job. I thank you Wanda..

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