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Could be hard. It could be hard situations. But are you choosing, what's your intention here? You go into the intention of this game, are you going to intend to have fun or are you intending to win? This is not your typical sports show. It's real, it's wrong. There's been top of the pie. You are now Robin with the Boston. Your intentions. And I think it's just so important, especially like your intentions are the thing that are guiding and dictating your actions behavior and how you reciprocate your emotions and thoughts. I mean, intentions are everything. And I love making wishes. And I think there's so many different ways to make wishes. I mean, you could rub a magic lamp again three. It's interesting. I was thinking about it the other day. A lot of wishes are made through the breath. It's nice to think about the things that you want for yourself and others and want to attain and want to drive for and strive for. And again, I am loving this because this is where you and I click on that whole spiritual level because I am always posting about mindfulness and positivity and how your energy reacts with others and being conscious of what you're saying and thinking and the law of attraction. So everything that you just said, I am resonating on such a level. And I think it's the first episode ever that people are going to listen to and hopefully you guys understand what we're talking about because if you don't, you're going to have to go and start learning about meditating, mindfulness and energy because our bodies are more than just our physical being. We are energy. We are energy. So definitely look into that for those of you guys that are listening. If you don't know anything about it, please feel free to learn more about the conscious mind, the subconscious mind. The unconscious mind, everything that we are talking about. So for those of you guys that do not know, are you the one was a dating reality TV show? We did that. Believe it or not, 7, 8 years ago, almost a decade ago, there was ten guys, ten girls. We all kind of just had a fun experience, living in Hawaii for about a month month and a half. The whole premise of the show was for us to try to find our perfect match. And although a lot of us didn't actually find our perfect matches in real life on that show, the only couple that actually ended up together was amaran Ethan. They are still together to this day. They have a couple kids, I believe they have two daughters, but all in all, we had a lot of good experiences on the show and some bad experiences on the show, but I have Ryan on here because I do want to ask him, essentially, what sparked his interest in wanting to go on a dating reality TV show, especially at such a young age, we were in our 20s, wanted to ask him a little bit about his experiences, some memories, what were some of his favorite challenges and so forth. So please stay tuned. We are going to be hitting upon all those points very shortly. But we'll just start with essentially what made you want to go on a TV show like are you the one in your 20s? Just like I did. I had commissioned an artist to work on one of my small business projects that I had in Colorado. It just so happened this artist was Andrew Woods. He was on real world. Andrew Woods was ended up becoming a friend of mine and you know had him working for me a little bit and he ended up.

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